Dim sum and high-grade water

Muahaha…food! Gotcha attention kan? I’m heading up to Ipoh in 1.5hrs’ time.  Haven’t been very bloggy I know.. that’s because I’m lappie-less! 😦 *wails out loud*

Ethan died on me a couple of nights ago.  Got home and tried to power him up.  Power was on…the machine seems to be processing..but nothing came up on the screen. N-O-T-H-I-N-G. Oh screwed I am! *pulls hair*  Dell quoted me RM1,270 to get the motherboard fixed (suspecting it’s the built in GPU issue).  RM1.27K?! A little too much to ask for a less than 3yo kid rite? To be exact, it’s only 2 years 3 months…madness. I just dropped Ethan off at the shop last night to get a 2nd opinion.  I don’t know what are the chances..but I sure keep my fingers’ crossed and hope that it’s not the GPU issue..it’s prolly some lose connection or anything that’s gonna cost me less than RM500! Oh lord.. please heal Ethan!! *sobs out loud*

Gonna go shower & get ready dy.  Those around this weekend…go shopping. There are some sales going on for CNY (i think).

P/s: I’ve been overly excited about something lately. But I can’t share. Cos it’s technically just virtual and I’m just being adrenaline-high on my own..u know..like…shiok sendiri? 😛

See yah!


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