Job (Pt II)

I finally finished the book of Job. The final 5 chapters left me in complete awe & fear.  Seriously, when God appeared and spoke to Job in Ch38, I could feel His magnificent presence and power; how small and tiny Job must have felt.  That feeling of guilt for questioning Him and not understanding why all the sufferings had come upon him (Job); I can totally feel him (Job) and could not imagine if I had to face God himself while finding the right excuse to be forgiven.  I’m really speechless as I read the entire Ch38….. that fear that comes from within.  I felt so convicted *embarrassed*


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I must say I’m afraid I may not have understood the entire book; this I honestly admit.  I hope as time goes by, more will be revealed so that I can fully understand the intensity of the context of the story.  At the mo, I could only relate through the trying and testing times that God had put me through…and how I had questioned Him of His plans and struggle to remain trusting and faithful.  Guilty I am indeed.

I’m glad I did not give in to the temptation of slacking in my BRP.  Especially after coming back from the weekend away in Hatyai, I had so many chapters to catch up.  I was really succumbing to the distractions from all that’s happening.  But I’m thankful for His strength and grace.  Moving forward, I must seriously pray for perseverance and discipline.

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