Late night or early morning?

Random post title. I was suppose to be in bed by 10.40PM..that’s like 2 hours ago.  Was drop dead tired after our movie date and barely could use my brain putting the excel sheet together.  But somehow I went past that sleepy-spell and voila..I’m wide awake again! –___-“

I have been sleeping very late every night and that is oh-so-not-good cos by mid of the day, I would be struggling madness to stay awake.  If not for the White Coffee that Pans gave me a while back; I probably already drowned my face into the keyboard this afternoon.

Had a wonderful night with Bibs today.  Although we were both rather tired, we still went ahead with our plans to catch a movie.  He was hoping to catch Avatar but the time slot at QB ain’t good. So, we settled for Alvin & the Chipmunks.  We chatted a lot over dinner with him playing “psychology expert”.  We strolled a little before dinner too.  Anyways, movie verdict: not worth the money spent.  The chipmunks are still cute..but graphic’s lousy.  Story-line wise…what story-line?! Oh well, as consolation, Theodore is still super duper cute! *bite his big backside*

I think I’m in desperate need of a haircut (or rather a new hairstyle), threading (i’m back to bushy-brow again!), pedi & medicure (i actually just need to cut my own fingernails..but a pedicure would be an awesome plus).  Maybe I’ll get one this weekend…wondering if there’s any reliable pedicure service in Hadyai? Oh…forgot to mention..I’m heading up north this weekend *skipping in joy* So looking forward to the trip.  Gonna be the final weekend spending with my couz sis before she leaves for Adelaide again. Shopping!!


This is the guy who played the lead role in the Chipmunk II movie. I totally love him in the drama series Chuck, as Chuck Bartowski! ♥ his geeky yet super cute look! *meltz* Ok..this is how he looks like in real…Zachary Levi…*utmost meltzness*

Totally no reason not to fall in love with this guy. Ok…YOU shouldn’t fall in love with him. Cos his mine already. M-I-N-E! I go sleep now…gonna try to find him in dreamland *evil laugh*

p/s: Gone mad from the lack of quality sleep.. @_@


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