I’m not talking about the one that you get paid every monthI’m referring to the book of Job in the Old Testament…

Since I discovered the Bible Study Tools online last week exactly a week ago, I have been trying very hard to stick to it.  I have made it through so far with my 1st week.  I certainly pray that the Lord will plant this burden in my heart to stick through it until the end of the Bible Reading Plan (BRP).  I have heeded Cookies’ advice to opt for chronological reading plan than the book-by-book plan (which I attempted in 2009 but dot com).

I’m reading the book of Job now…and seriously…even with commentaries.. I’m so lost.  I’m lost in the conversations between Job and his 3 friends; Eliphaz, Bildad and Zophar.  I’m so thankful our modern conversations are not so wordy and cheong hei (long-winded).  I’m trying to let the interpretation sink in a little.  In a nutshell, I do get what the story is saying..but honestly, when I try to deep dive into every statement…gee whiz..I just wish that someone could story-tell the entire book for me now and save me the brain juice.

Pray that I will follow through the BRP faithfully.


5 thoughts on “Job

  1. Wow, cool! Jia you!!!

    Hm, this is for fun – a pop quiz…who is the person in the ppl who ‘comforted’ Job, yet God ignored and didn’t even acknowledge when He finally spoke? And why?

    I love reading about the animals toward the final chapters of the book, when God reveals His magnificence through them…

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