Work Week 1 (WW1)

How did your first working/studying week of 2010 go?  Hopefully the cooled down engines have started to warm up a little bit more than the past few weeks of 2009.  Some of you are probably adjusting to new environments while some are planning to leave the current settings to embark on newer ventures.  Whatever that you are engaging in at the moment, I hope you remember to take things slowly..and breathe!

I just found out that my God-mum’s parents’ house has this really nice looking Husky…i think he’s still quite a young chap.  Height when he stands is only about my waist.  But he’s adorable and totally friendly.  Met him for the first time last night..and guess what’s his name? … BECKHAM!! LOLx! Poor Victoria..I wonder what would her reaction be if she finds out what has become of her hubby’s fame! *burst out laughing* Oh well, if it’s of any consolation, Beckham (the Husky) is really a charming fella and totally lovable. Would love to dog-nap him back…just too bad there’s no room in my home for him 😦

I actually woke up at 11AM this morning.  I don’t do this fact, it’s been ages since I last get to do that.  I blame it on the chemical effects of all the candies that I’ve been consuming. My stomach has been haywire for as long as I took them. Gastric problems are arising..more gassy.  Dizzy spell and nausea is just lingering around all the time. Oh well..let’s hope it’ll all go away soon…after I finish off the remaining of the Cycin. My throat is starting to itch and phlegm is building up. Not good. But I’m definitely not turning back to the colorful fellas!

Gonna go get ready for tonite’s dinner at Big & Small Bird’s. Bibs & I have been appointed to bring balls… LOLx… whatever balls we have can find I guess!! *tee hee*  Hope your Saturday is going well.

Laters folks!

Oh BTW…go watch Avatar if you haven’t already done so. Watch the 3D one if you are not worried about motion sickness. RM17.50/ticket. I had to pass for the way I’ll survive! Go watch!!


3 thoughts on “Work Week 1 (WW1)

  1. wow, my first work-week starts tomorrow! 😀

    i haven’t watch avatar… i want to watch a lot of movies…. and i just watched benjamin button last month!

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