Goodbye 2009

365 days just went by so quickly.  Still remember the last New Year eve and we spent Watchnight in church welcoming our new pastor…in a blink of an eye…1 year just gone by.  I wouldn’t say this year had been easy on me; but I truly have to give Him all the glory & praises for allowing me to grow spiritually in ways that I would never had imagined.  I’m thankful for this year – for all the ups and downs that had made I’ve had my laughter and also loads of tears.  Most of all, I thank God for the people that He has faithfully sent to watch over me…and help me make it through.  I thought it would be nice to journey through 2009 again…


1. Moved to my new cube

In my 7 years of working in this company, I have moved 5 cubes! It’s been a year of getting used to the new building, new cube, new everything!

2. Pearl & Greg’s Wedding

First wedding of the year.  A simple function with just family members.  A pre-CNY reunion where everyone was back home to celebrate the union of my cousin sister and my (then) new cousin brother-in-law

3. XSc-er’s CNY Gathering

10 years of friendship. 10 years of arguments. 10 years of sarcasms. 10 years of laughters & frustrations. We have even multiplied beyond the 1st generation… 🙂

4. Started PT involvement

Had a great exposure through my PT involvement.  Although the project did not launch entirely and we have taken a different direction all together now, but the process had been eye opening and it was great to have widen my network in a whole new platform/industry.  Looking forward to the next phase in 2010


1. Building dedication day

Despite being in the department for 3 years (at this point), I never really got to know a lot of people outside my team. It was a fun-filled time throughout the exhibition.  I experienced what it’s like to be a true Marketing personel!


1. Mrs Simon Chan Choir Presentation

Another year with Mrs Simon Chan.  As grueling as the sessions were, I must honestly say she has imparted a lot of valuable knowledge to us me.  I appreciate Choir Ministry so much more this year.  More here

2. CG Retreat to Cameron

This retreat turned out a little bit of sweet & sour…because of the little events that took place that made the journey not too pleasant – car breakdown…car sick…missing turns! But all in all, I’m very thankful we made it as a CG (almost) and at least spent some time away from our usual settings 🙂  More here

3. Mocha’s 1st B’day

Celebrated Mocha’s 1st b’day together with some aunties and uncles 😀


1. 1st Hospital Visitation – CG Community Outreach (no pictures)

Had our 1st hospital visitation.  A very interesting experience. Albeit being lack in preparation, I’m most awed by the fact that we were more ministered to than it’s supposed to be.  Hopefully the next attempt would be much more fruitful.


1. My B’day

Another great year of celebration with family and love ones.  Thanks to all dear friends who had made it even more special by making time for me and not forgetting wonderful gifts.  More here

2. WTR 2009

The first WTR handled by me. Still remember the amount of stress as the date approaches.  So much learnt through this event.  Totally thankful and grateful for all the support and help from my fellow SICs and BICs!  As usual..I ♥ my roomie!!! More here and here


1. Eanie’s Wedding

The most taxing event of the year!! But one of the most satisfying one too 🙂 I’m so happy that my dear cousin is happily married off to a wonderful family.  I’m very happy that I’ve made new friends through this event..and totally looking forward to working with them in 2010 (if opportunity arises!) More here and here

2. Kavita’s Wedding

Back to back weddings.  Feel blessed to be given the honor to organize the entire wedding for my dear friend.  She’s my mum in pillar and support.  I did her sis’s wedding in 2005 and her family has always treated me like one of the lost daughters! 😛 Her wedding was my 1st time wearing a saree.  Too pictures of the evening  since they left for Mauritius after that. More here


1. Convocation at Nikko Hotel

I was all excited to head down under for my supposed convo in April.  As much as I’m disappointed, I’m glad that I made the choice not to.  Being able to have all the important people attending my convocation made it even more meaningful for me. Wishing my whole family could be there to celebrate the milestone.  Thanks to everyone who had been praying, encouraging and helping me achieve this! More here


1. Jane’s Wedding in KL

Jane was my housemate during Uni time.  We were one of the few pure English ed breeds amongst the 33 of us.  We’ve been close friends for years and it’s definitely of great joy to be there for her wedding even though it was the n-th ceremony for her!

2. Bib’s b’day

I know I still owe you a b’day cake 😛 More here and here


1. Trip to Malacca

Technically this is my 2nd trip to Malacca.  My first was when I was 12yo…you can’t possibly expect me to remember much from that trip…I only recall the heavy rain outside A. Farmosa! Very happy to have made this trip.  Was very impressed with the town.  Just very upset that I lost my memory card.  Thus…no pics 😦

2. VBB 1st Anniversary

There wasn’t any kind of celebration la…just thought we’ll remember the 1st year of Bibs moving into his own home 🙂

3. Choir trip to Kuantan

I enjoyed this trip a lot! Never thought traveling with these bunch of aunties and uncles from Choir would be so much fun.  Experienced an indescribable warmth and love from strangers KWMC that really reminded me a lot of God’s undying love.  Again, I experienced Choir ministry in a whole new level. More here, here and here

4. Selling mooncake at GP

My 1st experience as a mooncake sales-girl! LOLx! I must say I’m quite impressed with my selling skills 😀 Just a related post here


1. My 1st public embarrassment

Ever since this event, every time I step into that particular KFC outlet..I get paranoid! Bibs too… LOLx

2. WAM Planning Retreat

This trip down to KL wasn’t at all any relaxing or retreat-ful.  It was actually pretty much a hectic weekend! 😛 But it was all fun and great because I actually get to know more about my fellow comrades.  I discovered some hidden talents…hidden personalities..that I’ve never seen before this!  Also enjoyed the moments visiting DUMC 🙂

3. Pulau Aman trip

These days, we no longer make adhoc trips for food. I’m very surprise that 2e et al was game for this.  It’s good to have something so impromptu occasionally! 😀

3. Aunt’s surgery

Aunt went into her 2nd major surgery since she was diagnosed with cancer 2 years ago.  This had been a battle not only for her but for everyone.  Praise God for seeing her through the surgery and an extremely smooth recovery.  She’s now undergoing her chemo.  Thank you for praying with me 🙂  I truly hope that she will open her heart to Jesus.


1. Mission Trip to Cambodia (no pics yet!)

I think this is one of the most memorable event for 2009.  There’s a reason why I chose to participate in this (which I’ll share more when I write about it next).  This is one entry that I still owe for 2009.  Will just bring forward to 2010 la.. 😛 More here and here

2. Singapore trip with Bibs

It’s rare that I get to make so many trips out of the island in a year.  Last year, we made plans to head south but we had to forego the tickets and plan because Bibs was away.  I’m glad we made it to Singapore finally. More here and here


1. Annual Dinner at HardRock

My 1st event at HardRock.  Not a typical function that I would enjoy..but still glad to have made some friends and bonded with others.  This marks my final event organizing for 2009. More here and here

2. Christmas 2009

Finally…it’s Christmas time again.  The best time of the year for me.  More here, here, here, here, here and here

That’s my 2009 – a very eventful year!

In general,  I thank God for helping me grow in so many aspects of my life especially in my relationship with Bibs & family.  I know it’s never easy and will never be easy as I continue to walk faithfully with Him.  But I know that He will continue to watch over all of us; for in everything that He has in plan…He’ll make sure we lean on Him..and walk closely with Him.   So…folks…here’s wishing each and everyone of you…

A Blessed Year 2010


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