Christmas 2009

Every year, I’m blessed to have great friends & love ones who will remember me during Christmas and get me lovely gifts.  Don’t misunderstand…I’m not saying that if you don’t get someone a gift, it means you don’t care/love the person.  I just think that gifts are nice bonuses 🙂  With or without it, the blessings are already accounted for.

Although this year I kinda get lesser gifts, I’m happy to have received all the gifts that various people have blessed me with.  Most of them were really unexpected..but I know much thought had been put into each and every item.  As usual, I open my gifts only on Christmas day…which means past 12AM of Dec 25 🙂

1. Sir-leen drove all the way to my office to pass me these cuties which she bought from Singapore recently.  The Metoo pig-tle (it’s like a hybrid of pig & turtle :P) is a mobile phone holder while the pinky fella has multiple purposes – wrist support, monitor cleaner or accessory. Cute rite?

2. Jo-N gave me this really cool photo frame.  The colorful blocks are magnetic cubes which holds the photo frame. Each of these blocks spells one character of my name with a ♥ at the 1st cube. Steph (Jo-N’s sis) gave me a nice & simple crystal bracelet.  As much as I’m amused by the LAT comic, I would never have thought I’ll own a LAT comic book before I hit my next big milestone.. Hehe.. the comic book was the #75 gift I drew during the office Christmas gift exchange

3. Giant gave me a motivational book (for pretty obvious reasons I guess) and I found a receipt at the back of the book 😛 HeeJuz jokingly said that the receipt was left for tax filing! Kekeke..which I think is a great gift on its own! LOLx. Giant also got me a Piggy massager.  I tested it out that night itself…the moment the vibrating massager touches my skin…I felt sick from the motion sickness. No joke. I have decided…it’s better off as a decor instead.  Cookies got me a fridge magnet! 😀 I actually have the exact same one.  Hence, now they can both be friends on Bibs’ fridge *heart*

4. Many folks gave me candies this year.  I wanted to put them into a nice candy jar last weekend but alas! The heat melted all the chocolates so badly that the Toblerone was literally filled with liquid! Eeek.  Pans got me a nice Santa candle holder. Next year, we have an extra Christmas decor 😀  MeeKoo thoughtfully selected a gift for me despite her extremely stressful workload.  I did not take a picture of the final gift because I opened this one after church that day and I was too exhausted to bother about my camera.  Will show you the giant clothes-peg that is actually a photo holder 😀

There are a few other gifts that I did not take any pictures of because there were moved to Bibs’ tree since they were shared gifts.  Hence, I did not get to take any pics.  One of which was a nice jar of cookies from Crabtree and another limited edition Ghiradelli chocs 😀 All of which can be seen here.

Took a photo with the Quartet and musician.  I ♥ this team for their great support in putting in all the effort to make the presentation on Christmas day possible.  Despite the extremely short & limited practices, everyone did so well.  I hope our Heavenly Father like the small gift 🙂

That’s my Christmas.  Hope yours was good and meaningful.  Merry Christmas to you again!

“It’s not the things you do on Christmastime, but the Christmas things you do all year” – Shirley Horn


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