Chillax Sunday

Funny how I always feel that my weekend schedules are more packed than my weekdays..and I’m often more tired by the end of Sunday..also possibly because Monday is just a sleep away.. >.<

Last weekend was filled with errands and shopping for a new TV and sound system for VBB.  While it was fun going from one place to another to compare prices…it was equally tiring and taxing for our brains.  Prices was difficult to decide which TV to go for.  We started off knowing for sure it was AQUOS…but little did we know..we took a sharp U-turn and returned to the faithful Panasonic.  Will show you the new toy when I manage to take a shot.

Had a good family dinner at QEII.  Although I must say food was less impressive than my previous visit…the woodfire pizza is still rather good for my pallete. 


I’m working on a couple more posts before 2009 ends.  I don’t know if I’ll have the time to complete them.  Will see how…This week is gonna be busy again (off office hours that is). Just want to have a quiet weekend if possible…start the year right 🙂




 A random conversation with Bibs today – “The Ungeeky talk

Me: Should we get 2 iPhones? *grins*

Bibs: No for the new BB..what is it call? BB 3GS?

Me: -_______-“

Me: errr….You mean iBerry?

Me: -_____________________-” 



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