Story from the land of Merlion (Part II)

It’s been exactly 1 month since the trip down to Singapore.  I know I promised I’ll post the pictures much sooner after Part I…but with much unforeseen reasons…slight delay.  Anyways, due to time constraint, I’ll just do what I do best lately…picture posts! 😀

1. I forgot to mention that on the 1st night, we also went to Clarke Quay for a stroll after our dinner at the Nyonya place.  Clarke Quay has changed a lot since the last I was in Singapore.  All the shops there are very nicely done up.  Every shop has a glass wall entrance so that you can see right into the shop/restaurants/bar/lounge.

2. This particular shop is really interesting – CLINIC.  Every furniture & fittings in this place is related to a clinic/hospital.  Wheelchairs..operating theatres…IV drips…synringes…dental chairs..etc..etc. Pretty cute 😀

3. Clarke Quay is surrounded by the river.  You can take the hippo ferry and take ride around the area and catch the night view.  We decided not to spend that $$ it for shopping instead 😀

4. Aunt took us to this dim sum place at Ngee Ann city.  It’s call the Imperial Treasure Restaurant.  You must try the dimsum here if you get the chance.  You may want to call to make a reservation too 😀 Food is simply awesome. I ❤ the dessert we had the most!! They made a Chinese version of soufflé – egg white wrapping red bean paste with banana inside. Then, the soufflé is deep fried and coated with icing sugar. I’m telling you…it’s HEAVEN!! And of cos..there was my favorite black sesame balls coated with crushed peanut! *drooling*

5. We were suppose to go Sentosa after dim sum brunch with 3e…but Bibs decided to satisfy his craving for shopping and hence we dropped the Sentosa plan and continued with our journey! There was a giant LV bag in front of Ngee Ann city…that’s the gift for JenC! *LOLx*

6. We walked soooooo much that day that we were both completely exhausted.  We just had to stop by somewhere to sit & catch our breath.  Hence…we went for our 2nd time of MOS burger 😀 The 1st time we went to MOS…I didn’t take any pic.  This time, Bibs tried the chicken teriyaki rice burger while I tried the new fish marinade burger.  Verdict…the beef rice burger and the spicy chicken burger was much better 😀 After charging, we continued our shopping journey *grin*  That night, we were so tired that we just decided to have dinner nearby.  But we had a good relaxing stroll around the area…and also witness the red light district…the ever famous Geylang…*shiver*

7. On our last day, 3e took us for some good breakfast.  We had 2 rounds of food.  Tried the Singapore version of char koay kak (not bad..just sweeter than the ones in PG).  Then, I tried the supposedly famous Katong Singapore laksa.  I thought the taste was very very very familiar..until Bibs said it’s just like Kuantan’s curry mee! But this one is a little more santan-ish and the noodle is not the typical laksa noodle that we have in PG.  Overall..I kinda like it (i like the Kuatan curry mee anyways!).  Then, we walked around the entire neighbourhood..going from local stores to buy some candies…and also final shopping at the Parkway Mall (which I technically spend the remaining of my funds)

8. Christmas Tree at Takashimaya – JenC…this is as per your request too 🙂

9. Posted this one in Part I…also as per JenC’s request 😀

10. This..would be for Jup 🙂 A christmas tree made out of Teddy Bears

Alrightey…this ends my Singapore trip post 🙂 I will not show our purchases…cos…they are pretty much used/washed/no-longer-new 😛 keke..

Goodbye weekend! Goodnight internet..


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