Adrenaline high

Something is obviously wrong with Bibs today cos he’s all excited and crazy.  Of which, I do know the reason behind this weird behavior.. *shake head* Will let you know when the time is right.. *shake head again* *raise eyebrow and recall all the Mao Zidong acts* (internal joke)

Dropped by PSDC to pick up CeCe’s HND certificate before heading for lunch.  Since we were both not hungry, I managed to persuade Bibs to give a new place a try rather than the usual boring spots.  Hence, I suggested D’Piazza and we opted for Home’s Cafe..just as where JenC went with Jup last weekend *grin*Considering that we only wanted something light, we didn’t really put the menu to test.  Bibs had the Ipoh Hor Fun (which I honestly dunno why these cafes are all claiming to be selling Ipoh Hor Fun when it’s none other than just lousy Koey Teow Th’ng anyways!) while I went for eggs+toast.  Since JenC recommended the YamCake (Orh Kuih), we tried that too.  Verdict: The “Hor Fun” tasted as it looked…nothing to shout about.  Egg was eggy, toast was bready (what do you expect? :P).  White coffee tasted very much like 3-in-1 (but effort goes to making the foam).  My Honey Lemon was sucky cos it was obviously cordial with a slice of lemon. As for the Yam Cake…I honestly dunno why..but we actually thought it has a tinge of cockroach smell as you chew into it… *gulp* I’s very  unappetizing the way I put it. Forgive me. But it’s true.  Overall, you’ll prolly never see both of us there again together.  I might return with friends but pretty sure Home’s Cafe didn’t make it into Bib’s “Favorite” book 😛

We dropped by Living Delite – a home furnishing shop that sells colonial style furniture.  Pretty dainty and nice.  Prolly because the place is mostly white.  We ended up buying a vase and some flowers  (MYR38) for the cabinet outside to replace the old & worn out flower arrangement that came with the previous tenant.  Do drop by the shop.  I was there the last time with Jup 🙂

Address: Living Delite, 63, D’Piazza Mall, Persiaran Mahsuri, Bayan Baru.

Tel: 012 408 0938 (Emily Lim)

One thought on “Adrenaline high

  1. Hahahaha….. i went there so many times for the or kuih and it is always good! You must be out of luck or sick girl!!! So please get well soon…..

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