5 & 12 more to go..

Believe it or not…it’s just 5 more days to Jesus’s birthday…and a little more than a week to go before bidding farewell to 2009.  I’m both anxious for the year to end and also a little emo over the fact that everything would soon be in complete past tense *emo*

The past few days had been sick (literally) and messy (literally) for me.  My house is undergoing some re-painting work and hence I’m still breathing in sh*tload of paint smell..trust me..it’s very unhealthy! And everywhere is full of stuffs lying around because we cannot put them back immediately cos the paint is wet and some people just need to know how to clean up after themselves!  And to top it all up, my lungs and abs muscles are going through major workout all thanks to my cough which cannot seem to recover despite having gone to the doctor and finish up all the med.  I’m beginning to feel so tired of my own coughing noise!

Went for practice today and really tried to sing.  I think I was croaking so badly that every note that I sang just sounded so flatily-out-of-tune.. Poor Gergaji Jr…he must be wondering which toad just jumped on the wagon and decided to sing in the group! *eek* Let’s pray that I recover on time…not just because of the Christmas presentations.. I just want to be able to enjoy Christmas peacefully and healthily.  I do want to have 2009 end nicely…really…

*cough cough cough* *hold on to aching tummy muscles*

Good nite now…


5 thoughts on “5 & 12 more to go..

  1. *typing this while trying to empty my refrigerator of all the stuffs before I go home this Saturday – chompity-chomp-chomp*

    Hope you get well soon, my dear…

    I am really sad for the year to end, because I don’t wanna go back to school yet!:P

    • I just think i’ll miss all the nice long weekends in 2009 😛 Grace, I must see u before u go (if possible la)…else i’ll have to catch u when u are back..

  2. Get well soon!!! No one would want TNC to miss your sweet voice on Christmas Eve… Still have fond memories of 2 years ago 🙂

    As for me, 2009 was my worst year ever. Can’t wait for it to end!

    • Hey!! Was begining to wonder where u are.. glad to hear from you again 🙂 No worries… 2010 would be better for you..I’m sure! *huggies* 🙂

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