I’m feeling so bored.. work is not exciting.  Everything requires my brain cells..why can’t I have work that are like Tetris or Bejeweled where you don’t really need any brain juice and summore can be interesting cos there’s some colors and music..??! 😦 I want my job to be colorful…not just… text…text….text….circuits…circuits..circuits… 111111…000000….10100101000011110101010101…*arrgghhh*  Going cranky out of boredom 😛

I desperately need a new toy.  Was out with SaDu the other day for lunch at siTigun along Nagore Road and I had so much fun just playing with all the crazy games and applications on her iPhone 3GS! That woman got a new phone too…Nokia E72!! How unfair is that?!! Hence, the entire lunch date..I was busy with her iPhone while she explores her new Nokia E72…*teehee* Shiok betul betul 😀

My cousin is coming back from Aussie in a little more than a week’s time. I’m still battling between getting an iPhone or Not?! And part of me says “Go get it…entertain urself a lil!”…while the other part of me says  “Don’t waste $$..!!” and then another evil part says “Get a BB9700 instead!”… *argghh* cannot decide!! Worse is when Bean just told me that he’s coming back this weekend..and he’s gonna get an iPhone! OMG!! T-E-M-P-T-A-T-I-O-N to the max!!

So… buy or no buy?  To succumb or not to succumb?…. evil…evil… NO!!!!…. stay away!!!

but i really want a toy.. pls…. *puppy eyes*

10 days more to Christmas..have you taken a pick?


6 thoughts on “T-E-M-P-T-A-T-I-O-N

  1. Since you had played with mine…. you must get the iPHONE!!!
    Then we can sms for FREE….send pictures for FREE and send voice recording for FREE!!!
    Got to get iPHONE!!

  2. Yeah iPhone… you can take nice pictures and have lots of edit tools for you. You can even video record with it.
    You can FB and twit and most of all you can blog with it!! BB cant! hahahahaha…..

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