The XSc-ers

Tonight’s wedding was more of a reunion for all of us.  We had so much talking, laughters, shootings and loads more of nonsense…it was just the usuals of the XSc-ers really.  I had so much fun just seeing everyone again and gathering to relive those good ol days.  Technically speaking, I am the least connected to them because the life-span with the SC back in ‘99 was really brief.  I spent a mere 6 months with these crazy people but I’m glad they had always allowed me to be part of them all these years.  2009 marks the 10th year of me knowing all of them…and it’s so wonderful to see how each and everyone of us had grown up to be. I feel so alive just being back in their midst.  Those were the days where the Queen would forbid me from spending so much time on SC stuffs and those were the days when I wish I had left home and I could do what I want…… Don’t we all go through that stage in life?…hehe..

Will put up pics when I get them from the gang.  I didn’t bring my cam.  I knew there will be a lot of flashing going on tonight anyways 😀 A couple of folks are iPhone owners.  While Big Bird were once again tempted by the toy…I sure hope he hasn’t switch side to the Apple and abandon the BB 😛 Well…I’m sitting on the fence anyways 😛 Either side makes me a happy pig! LOLx

I dunno if it’s the amount of laughing I had or it’s the delayed effect of the beer (which I only took 1 anyways)…I’m actually very much awake! It feels almost like my weekend just begun.  Too bad…we all know that’s not true..! Suddenly I feel like my sore throat is healed too! >.< See?…it’s always good to keep a bunch of insane friends..! *tee hee*

Before I head to bed…just thought I’ll share about the Penang State Christmas Celebration that will take place next Sunday (Dec 20, 2009) at the Times Square Penang.  The event is organized by all Penang churches and it’s free for everyone.  If you have the time, do drop by and join in the celebration.  Begins at 6pm…parking can be an issue (i assume)…so, try to car pool if possible..or just be there early! 🙂 Come & support…and E-N-J-O-Y!



Good nite!


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