Annual Dinner at HardRock Hotel (Dec 11, 2009)

Not going to write much.  Just chose a few shots to share 🙂 The theme of the night was more towards movie/red carpet kinda thingy.  Something like the Oscars but not restricted to it.

1. HardRock Hotel

2. Outside Hall of Fame

3. One of the official photographer

4. Photo shooting area – a clap board!

5. Buffet spread (not impressive I must say)

6. Table settings – silver & black

7: Backdrop

8.  Registration counter with door gifts (hate my fat wide face!! *illusion illusion*)

9. Lucky draw gifts and some cash prizes too (I won none of them…)

10. Committee shot before opening dance

11. Opening dance – Jaiho

12. Pretty much what I did the entire night…which explains the sore knees (I escaped the whole dress/skirt ordeal)

13. Relieve it’s all over!

14. My team minus Heejuz who left early

15. Camwhoring tak habis-habis…

16.  My driver for the night..

17. 1st pic with him ever since he joined..the organizing chairman

18. Organizing committee + 2 photographers

19. Last one before some hooligans decided to run through the clapboard just for the sake of it.. (imagine..RM800 bucks gone just liddat..*gulp*)


4 thoughts on “Annual Dinner at HardRock Hotel (Dec 11, 2009)

    • Tell me about it! as long as it’s foam costs a bomb. And the backdrop which is basically just a flat banner laser print..already 300-400 u know! it’s madness wan la i tell u… if oni i have the creativity to do that 😛 it’s tough business 😛

    • LOLx.. it’s the angle la.. 😛 i’m not that crushed 😛 I suppose there’s a video kua…someone must have taken the video..just dunno who. Will see if I can post it when it’s available..see if it’s too embarrassing or not 😛

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