Finally home after a very long day.  Been out since yesterday (literally!) and I’m truly exhausted.  But glad the night turned out well for everyone.  I; just needed to be kept busy and distracted.  Each time I slow down…the tap begins.  Bad for health.  Just showered after unpacking all my stuffs.  Didn’t win the 32” LCD TV or the 19” LCD Monitor or the 2GB iPod Shuffle.  Darn.  But nvmla.  I knew luck is never on my side anyways.  What lucky draw! *prrf*

Feeling rather hungry and thirsty now.  My dinner tonite was 3pcs of cauliflower, 2pcs of brocolli, 1pc of mini corn (all from the same stir-fry vege), 1pc of god-knows-what-deep-fried-crab-cake, 1pc of thinly sliced chicken, 1 spoon of chocolate sponge cake, 1/2 spoon of dunno-wat-cake-cos-its-not-nice,2 mini strawberries and 1 cup of warm tea (wasn’t even hot enuff to consider hot tea!).  The remaining of the night was just walking and kneeling.  Both my knees are so sore and burnt.  I definitely need to soak them in some moisturizer before they start to peel. 


Door gift for all

Sorry, no pics from me for tonight’s event. I brought my camera but I just didn’t have the energy.  Had a splitting headache after all the you-can-guess-wat and somehow the whole settings just didn’t make me feel like I wanted to remember anything out of today.  I feel bad saying this.  The evening & the deco was worth remembering.  I guess I just wasn’t in the mood for it.  Plus HardRock just didn’t seem that attractive…

Gotta hit the sack soon in order to get up in less than 6 hours’ time for another wedding in church.  Hope I don’t wake up with swollen eyes…


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