Hide me!

Emotions taking a huge roller coaster ride since last week.  I’m feeling so horrible that I just wish I could dig a hole big enough to bury myself and never ever be found.  I can hear a lot of cheers in the background.  I know you are openly declaring the rejoice & triumph! *urk*

Just finish packing up for tomorrow’s event.  Gonna be out from morning…to morning…you can bet.  Will be so drop dead by the time I come back..and yet I have to remember to get up on time to be in church on Saturday morning to sing for a wedding.  Lord, please remind me to guard my voice. 

Honestly, I really regret agreeing to be part of this event.  Anything but office related.  Really.  I wish I can just disappear tomorrow and don’t have to bother about giving a valid excuse.  With so much going on in my life, I can barely even find the right channel to spit them out; and now I have to put up a work-face for more than 12 hours.  This has got to be one of the biggest mistake I’ve done so far in my career life (apart from signing above the dotted line 8 years ago!).  *scream out loud into my pillow*

All the horrid feelings and the desire to kill someone.  Don’t come near me I tell you.  Or I may as well kill you and then make you my cushion while I lie for the remaining rotting days under the ground.

*screams louder and bites Mocha’s ears*


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