Snow Globe

I’ve always like snow globes and wished that I can find one that is intricate and has lots of “snow” inside.  But most of the time, when I see a nice one, it’s very VERY costly…thus I just won’t get it.  Just out of curiosity, i Google-d to see if there are actually any piggy snow globes around.  Found a few..some were just plain lame la… 1 pig inside and it’s call a piggy snow globe.  Well…technically it’s true..but I definitely won’t pay for that..

1. Three Little Pigs – USD98.00

2.  Pig Mini Snow Globe – USD6.99

3. Silent Night Musical Christmas Piggy Family£1.45

4.  Winnie The Pooh and Piggie – bidding from USD7.00

Betcha never thought you’ll see so many eh? Hehe.. me neither!


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