2010 Calendar

I’m so sick of trying to work already.  I just can’t concentrate.  Who in the right mind can work in the holiday season wan?!! Every email I send out sure will get at least 1 OOO (Out of Office) notification..and the holidays all darn long wan u knowwww..!! And all of them don’t even have the courtesy of at least wishing me “Happy New Year” or “See you next year” before they sign off the OOO! *grumpy*

While waiting for DarkChoc, I decided to prepare my 2010 Calendar.  Honestly, this is considered very late dy.  I normally don’t do this at this last minute.  In fact, this year, my insurance agent has once again ignored my request for my 2010 organizer..hence, I haven’t been able to block out dates.  I’m starting to get very paranoid! *grrr*

Anyways, plotting 2010 holidays & replacement holidays make me even more demotivated and depressed..how can March, April and October have totally no holidays wan?!! Where can liddat wan?!!! that’s like a total of 92 days of holiday deprivation.  *argh* *pulls hair*

Cannot dy.. I must think of some new ways to motivate myself to last for the next 2 weeks.  There’s so much to do and yet I’m not getting them done. *gulp*  Don’t make me rush anything on Christmas Eve.  I’ll seriously bite anyone or anything!! *shows teeth*

Yey!!! Just when I hit that “*” above…DarkChoc message came in – “OK. Done” *yippeedeeedooddaaa*

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