Half day

Only working half day today *yipeee*  Since I managed to get into OCR, just thought I’ll shoot some random updates.  Text only..sorry *tee hee*

  • Mum came back from her deserving holiday and bought me 6 sets of suits.  Totally loving all the pants!! ❤ ❤ ❤ and guess what…
  • I have my 1st pair of skirt in my wardrobe since it’s been skirt-less for the past 3 years.. @_@
  • Went to HardRock Hotel last night to check on the ballroom and settings. Totally not impressed.  It’s not tastefully done and ballroom was just smally… kinda not even worth the price.  Let’s hope food & service is good
  • I have a wedding to attend this Sunday which I completely forgot about and didn’t even know the details until the groom called last nite @_@ Now i have to crack my tiny brain on what to wear
  • Need threading badly..!! Need to send my saree for alteration (been saying this for months!)
  • Wynx told me about Sekeping’s new property – Sekeping Tenggiri.  It’s madnessly beautiful! Please go check it out! 😀 Price is steep of cos… 😦
  • I scratched and cut my face near my nose.  It’s been stinging..
  • Having minor allergy at the corners of my nose..painful 😦
  • 3e sent this website to me today and I’m completely in love with everything!! Go check out Anthropologie
  • and I’m hungry….

Oh..and someone sent this youtube to me today…


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