Year End Sale hasn’t felt so real until I come across this:-  Madness leh…look at the number of temptations!

   nautica-sale  timberland-sale  g2000-sale UT-year-end-sale charles-keith-sale watsons-sale italian-cookware-discount

There’s more like Studio R, Royal Sporting House too!  Not just on branded get even sales promo here on Watson! Hah! and if you’re into kitchenware…don’t forget all about Giant Hypermarket 😛

Honestly…if I have loads of moolah, I might just end up making all the big mistakes within a month! LOLx! Ever since the Spore trip, I’ve been in this major shopping mood! Thank goodness things are different at home and not to mention much more things in my life now are wayyyyy different! Speaking of which, I need to start planning my budgets and PT jobs for 2010 to sustain my expenses *gulp* *tee hee*


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