The final 25 days of 2009…

Just in case you wonder, the subject line is not meant to be anything nostalgic.  Saja oni…

I overestimated myself.  Looks like I won’t be posting the Singapore Trip Part II anytime soon.  It seems much harder to edit the photos than I thought it would be.  So, I’m just gonna keep myself very distracted with other things first.  After all, I truly do not have as much time as I thought I would.

Spent 2 hours this morning with Meekoo in chuch to set up the Christmas tree.  No fancy ornaments (obviously) and in fact, it’s very limited options.  But still we managed to put up a decent looking tree.  With very little experience with the giant tree, we spent almost 2 hours just putting it up (not forgetting the number of painful times we had to take out certain rice lights because they were either flickering sorely on its own or the lights were just..inappropriate).  After that, the rest of my day was basically just marathons of errands.

Took the Queen for lunch at the Esplanade.  Guess she still prefers her usual all-time-favorite-hokkien-char.  She was busy telling me about some funny stories during her trip.  Then, we went around town to get some things down while I was basically just stuck driving around the super congested town under the hot sun.  Funny thing was, I felt carefree…I didn’t mind the driving at all.  It just feel like I have my unexpected mobility today.  Wanted to drop Queen at the dentist (her chronic periondititis is really giving her a lot of problem – anyone knows any good dentist in the island who can fix this??) but the jam was too horrible that we detoured.  Ended up visiting my aunt at her home and chit chatted for a while before giving her a ride back to the hospice home.  It’s a relieve that she’s out of the hospital for the weekend before heading back again next Monday for her 2nd shot of chemo *sigh*

I barely had an hour of break at home before we rushed out again for dinner.  Wanted to check out the new Sunshine City but decided to stop by Belisa Row for Italian tonite.  Didn’t expect dinner to drag on soooo long!! Almost lost my cool.  I hate being asked to wait unreasonably.  Ain’t piza suppose to be fast food?? Anyways, ended up passing by Times Sq and not stopping in to check out the new place.  Whole town area was basically jam packed becos of the of the new place – u know la…hangat-hangat tahi Pinang! So, we went to YongPin for the remaining of the night…not’s better than coming back and wondering if I should continue doing what I planned to do 😛

I almost thought I lost my wallet.  Panicked when I wanted to pay for supper.  But thank goodness….it’s quietly sitting next to my radio in my room.  I wouldn’t wanna go through the painful hassle of reporting all the lost items *gulp*

Hope tomorrow will be somewhat more relaxing…although I secretly hope it’ll be packed with plans so that I won’t have to slow down too much to endure the torture.  Distraction…distraction…distraction.  I so very in need of distraction…distraction…distraction!!

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