Just by the subject line you can bet I’m being extra emo today! I know…it’s nothing new.  But seriously..I’m hell emo today.  Blame it on the hormones!! Yea rite…who am I kidding?! Kinda exhausted after the whole day…but I wanna keep it going until I crash tonite..need that…totally totally need that.. it’s weekday tomolo.. *sobs*

Photo by JasonRogers

Went to church today…somehow I had this reluctance..I dunno why.  Must be being away for weekends in a row that has got me a little fearful of people in church.  But glad I went anyways. I  honestly needed the solitude (somewhat..).  Glad that Cookies sat with me and was also surrounded by familiar faces rather than being swarmed with more and more people that I have to either look extra cheerful or possibly even being asked “Are you new in TMC?"”… *roll eyes*  1st service ended so late today that even by 10.50AM, they were still inside the sanctuary.  Thankfully, I didn’t have to worry about parking today!

I think I’m a little in love with walking again (minus the blisters of cos). Speaking of blisters, those on my feet are slowly shrinking and drying up.  I’m so glad I didn’t go meddle with them especially the one right at the side of my toe.  Hurts badly whenever I walked.  Hence, it was good that I was in sneakers for the past few days *grins* which means..I was also in my new pair of jeans!! Yippeeedeeedooo!! Was telling SaDu the other day that I’m heading towards regretting buying a larger size…I can sense the denim expanding already *gulp* Nonetheless, I’m SO happy I’m finally back to my denim days.  Now…don’t I wish I could carve the thighs out a bit!

Photo by Sigpras

Just got at least 6” of my hair being cropped…totalling to about 8gm of hair scattering all over the floor.  Love the lightness but still wish I could be a little more…unpredictable *sigh* Not in the mood of looking pretty. Just wanna get things done this weekend instead of pushing things out.  Foresee I’ll have a lot of things to move, pack & unpack in the coming weeks.  Need to plan out some logistics too.  Looks like I may need to talk to my boss in giving me an extra cube! LOLx!!


Queen wants to attempt Sunshine City again tonite *roll eyes a million times*  No choice la..she’s trapped at home during weekdays.  Gotta be fair and give her some time to do what she wants over the weekend.  Plus..I have no excuse not to anymore anyways…not like i have any other priorities to attend to! (Hah! Feels so ironic even as I write this.  Something can seem so much like a sacrifice to oneself but yet invisible in the eyes of others)  So, gonna keep this short.  Prolly need to go freshen up.  Looking like crap for days.  Been having people asking me if I’ve been living by the swamp of late! (not that stink ok!)

Streamyx has been a pain lately…I dunno if this post would make it through… *frust*


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