Filling up the time

Finally done with self appraisal.  Took me the whole morning of non-stop writing to get this done.  Been procrastinating.  It’s one of the hardest thing to write honestly..especially when you don’t have very significant contribution or achievement.  Gotta do that MBA-Marketing-kinda-bulling.. *gulp*

Now that I’m all hungry and not so sure if I feel like eating; and my whole system is shutting down (completely in need of my bed but I know 1000000000000000% I won’t be able to sleep)…I figured out I should either work very hard…or I have to just do something to keep myself busy.  That way, I won’t think too much of anything unnecessary and I won’t even think about my hungry tummy… *ouch* (i think the gastric juice just bit into my lungs..i doesn’t makes sense..just describing..)..

Gonna be setting up the Christmas tree tomorrow with Meekoo in church.  So glad that I have something sane to do even though I strongly believe I will have a lot of time to work on my long procrastinated stuffs.  But first off, I promise I’ll finish off editing the Spore pictures.  I’ll still post it up despite all that’s going on.  It’s after all my last vacation for the year! Hah! hands are numbing again.  Had some major pain yesterday and today it’s just purely numbing..especially on my left hand..all the way to the tips! Sucks..! 😦

Funny how the other night I dreamt of a chain of ridiculous dreams (so I thought)…but true enough…one of it happened for real.  Yikes! I hope the actor doesn’t die >.<

Gee whiz..i was suppose to already post this up like…30 minutes ago.. 😛 But I left it “cooling down” for so long while I did other things.. siao kia!


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