From the land of Merlion

Updated with pictures!

Despite being rather exhausted today after all the shopping and loads of walking, I’m still not feeling too tempted by the bed.  Just finish a short session of chatting with my aunt and everyone has retired to their rooms to call it the night.  Since I get hold of the PC (technically it’s not a PC but rather a MAC), just thought I’ll update you guys on things here 🙂

We arrived at Changi at about 4.30PM yesterday but the queue at the immigration clearance was really long because Spore also declares today as a public holiday to celebrate the Raya Qurban.  So, it’s also a long weekend here which explains the mega crowd on a Friday.  Last night, we had our dinner at this Nyonya place call “True Blue” and it’s just awesome! Food was great and the place was just amazingly beautiful.  If you have been to the Peranakan Musuem in PG…I’m telling you..this is even more tastefully done! So much so, just a couple of doors away from the restaurant, there’s a Peranakan Musuem opened by the restaurant itself.  We didn’t get to go visit since it was already night, plus, we didn’t exactly planned for it in our itinerary.  Perhaps another time.

(1: Jantung Pisang Salad, 2: Ayam masak Keluak, 3: Dunno what fry thingy, 4: Beef Rendang, 5: Buah Keluak, 6: Bayam sisih (i think))

Last night, Bibs had a hard time sleeping and he was all sniffy & coughy.  Because of that, i was literally kept up the whole night until almost dawn when he finally konked off from exhaustion.  Then….the Philharmonic Orchestra began…and there goes my sleep 😦 So we canceled our plans for the Botanic Garden and instead went for breakkie with my aunt to this chain shop call Kilineys.  Had mee siam, kaya toast, french toast, chicken porridge, nasi lemak, otak-otak, Teh-C and coffee.  Then, we went to one of the nearby wet market to jalan-jalan.  Here, I bought 2 cheap top for SGD24.  Okla…not too bad 😛  After that, we went to Parkway and I almost bought another top from GG|5 but time wasn’t enuff cos M&J were picking us up for brunch at Dempsey.

Dempsey is really an awesome place. I’ve never been there before.  It’s like a whole little town on its own in a quiet place near the Botanic Gdn.  The settings of the place reminds me of some downtown in US.  We wanted to dine at Jones Grocer but the crowd was just too overwhelming.  While waiting for our turn to be called, I bought 2 boxes of cookies 😀 Stuffs there are just………mad expensive!! Ohhh..I forgot to mention…we met Baby Jo for the 1st time! He’s such a cutie little fella!! He’s soooo tiny!! Apparently he has been cranky the past few days but surprisingly…he slept all the way from the car till after lunch.  So, that gave us (the adults) plenty of time to chit chat and enjoy our little fellowship time together.  It was great to see J after so long.. 🙂  Anyways, we finally dined at this place call…erm….I can’t remember! *eek* Sorry! I’ll try to recall and fill you in with the details.

Still don’t remember the name of the place >.<

After lunch, M&J dropped us at Suntec where we walked over to Marina Parade and spent the next 2.5 hours there.  I bought a pair of jeans (which i had been putting off the idea for more than a year with the hope that i will lose weight and once again jump into my old jeans….alas! I declare defeat!), Bibs bought 3 pairs of sports shorts and I bought another 2 Baby-Ts (1 for me and another for GAMA-Lady).  It was pouring heavily when we were indoor.  Thank God for that.

Taken outside Suntech Expo Hall before we went into City Link – SaDu..that’s the 1st tree for you!!

Later in the evening, we were actually embracing the horrible Spore crowd at the SITEC which was held at the Singapore Expo (near Changi).  Here, we bought a 1TB HDD for Bibs and a memory card for myself.  There were lots of really REALLY REALLY great deals! If you were there, I bet you would make major mistakes too 😛 But we were lucky…we didn’t have much cash and credit card payments are subjected to 2% extra charges 😛 Thus…we managed to control ourselves.

What better way to demonstrate our exhaustion! 😛

By the time we got home, we were both exhausted…hot and  super dehydrated.  After a short rest & freshen up, we left for Orchard to have our simple & budget dinner.  For SGD24, 3 of us had MOS burger (sorry, no pic!). Quite yummy although I have to admit, I haven’t been well for days and Bibs was already falling sick (sicker than yestrday).  So, we just didn’t really enjoy ourselves all that much.  Before the night at Orchard ended, Bibs & I bought MORE stuffs! At Takashimaya, I bought 1 pair of pants for GAMA-Lady, 1 shirt for DarkChoc, 1 press tumbler for DarkChoc and Bibs bought his long awaited knife set (very good purchase!).  Knowing how crazy the jam is at Orchard (what’s more a long weekend), our bus ride home took almost an hour.

Just a fraction of Orchard Road!!

Ahhh… it’s been a very long day and we are just all exhausted.  Tomorrow, will be more day time at Orchard and MORE shopping! FYI, both Bibs & I are running low in funds.  We might just have to get funding from my aunt! 😛 She has graciously offer some loans with reasonable payback scheme *gulp*  Don’t mess with 1/2-Sporeans! 😛

Since can’t wake him up, can only camwhore with Baby Jo!

Guess it’s time to hit the sack.  Sorry for not being able to show any pics on a super dry updates.  Will do so when I get home (hopefully not too long :P)

Good nite!

Update: Next Spore post may not be so soon.  But stay tune!


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