Another weekend away

I’m really blessed this year with lots of opportunities to sneak out of the island..on average…almost once in every 2 months this year…although the 2nd half of 2009 was the one that was filled with moving around. I don’t normally hit the highways, but this year..I think I’ve been on the North-South highways for at least 4 times and the Karak one for at least once 😀 Pretty neat.

Today, for the last time this year (most likely), I’ll be flying out of PG and heading down south to the island of Merlion.  I used to go over to S’pore pretty often when I was much younger and also during my college days.  It’s been 4 years since I last stepped foot in the island. Time flies like madness these days – Christmas is just a month away!! Believe it or not!

I’m all set with a super comprehensive travel itinerary.  I have everything planned out.  Now, it’s just the execution 😀 If you know me well’ll know I’m crazy.  I really would go down to the details when it comes to travel planning and that…honestly…stresses me out major time! No joke! All because I have this fear of being stranded somewhere and not knowing what to do and how to get out. It’s freaky ok! Plus, this gets worse when I know I’m traveling to someone who isn’t familiar with the place or not the least adventurous (who might just embrace the fun of being lost!)  So…yes, I’ve been working on the 4 days travel itinerary painfully since last week after I got back from Cambodia.  But no worries, I’m not mad to the level where I MUST get every single darn item done! It’s not a checklist! 😀

Can’t wait for 12PM to strike!! I’m just gonna grab my big fat luggage bag (thanks to Dark-Choc for lending me his new CAT bag :D) and just dash out to hop into SaDu’s car!! Yippeee yay!!

Dunno if I will get to blog while I’m in S’pore.  Will see how.. hehe..Prolly no time!

See ya! Be good!


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