Random thoughts..

Out of no where, i’m having this funny thought of taking a somewhat long break from my job (assuming I successfully put up a super pity-doggy face and managed to nego with my boss not to fire me but just let me take off) say for maybe 3 or 6 months (even better if my pity-doggy face becomes so pathetic that it became pity-doggy-piggy look and my boss says it’ll be half-paid leave)… and then I’ll fly off to do something else for a change (maybe work in Starbucks, or McD, or some PT work, or even off to wherever to do missionary or voluntary work)…and then eventually when I’m done finding my lost soul, I’ll return and then get married (again, assuming there is a marriage proposal from Mr. Right) and then get back into my work routine and eventually rot away…

Yeala…told you it’s random wat.  Just so sien with work.  It’s not always that I get to log on to OCR during work. This is one of the rare days that it stays accessible until nao…like..NAO…4.59pm!  Fuiyoh! Can go buy lotto!

I’ve been busy working on work and non-work stuffs the whole day.  I call this Monday Blues.

I miss uni days where I have 3 months break.. 3 MONTHS!! and all I do is bake-couch-potato-with-bacon-and-ghee… that’s me

7 thoughts on “Random thoughts..

    • hahahhaa.. i wanted to say pork lard..but i thought ghee was prolly better and since I wasn’t as fat as I am now…i reckoned ghee is more appropriate! haha

  1. If you need a destination for your 3 to 6-month sabbatical, maybe I can help 😀

    Although I might not be here anymore… Got a phone call yesterday offering me a job in Qatar… 24 hours to give an answer… Dunno what to do… AAARGH!!!

    • wow..that’s great news isn’t it?! 😀 Though I’m not sure if everyone in the family is goin to be excited about the move (again!). Perhaps it’s an answered prayer..to be away for a while and take a breather 🙂 Keep me posted on your decision!

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