Jingle Bell…Batman Smells..

Robin lay an egg…Bat-mobile lost its wheels..Joker got away…! *tee hee*

I’m so happy it’s Christmas time again.  Though it means time flies (like we dun already know)…but it’s just the best time of the year cos I completely love Christmas.  If I could, I would make Christmas last 365 days! Ok…gifts aside…I just love listening to Christmas carols playing everywhere I go and be drown in the joyful season 😀  But I especially hate it when the malls start playing CNY songs almost right after Christmas.. *annoyed*

I haven’t posted anything since I got back from Cambodia.  Just a quick note on that; the trip was great, fruitful and very encouraging considering it’s our very first mission trip and everything went well.  PTL for seeing us through and also opened up our hearts & mind on many things.  I haven’t much photos to share cos I didn’t exactly took that many.  I’m waiting for the rests of the team to share theirs.  By then, hopefully I’ll be able to find the time to write about my trip 🙂  At the mo, I just need to catch my breath.  It’s been madnessly busy & lots of eating not to mention :-S *feeling majorly fat*

Anyways, this weekend, I managed to clear up almost all my tasks & chores. Happy! That includes setting up our Christmas tree at home.  This is our very first year putting up our tree together (Bibs weren’t really in the act but he was still present la..).  Last year, I still remember giving him a big surprise with the new tree when he got back from US on Christmas eve morning.  I’m glad this year we are both around 🙂


I’ve always love putting up the Christmas tree.  Since young, we always have 1 lit up at home.  I still have the baby tree that we’ve had since I was a baby.  Now, the baby tree is with me in office and every year, I’ll set it up in my cube while my house gets a bigger tree.  But it’s been a while since our tree has been set up.  For some reason, it’s just not the same anymore at home…hence, I don’t set up the tree anymore.  Instead, I’m just glad to be able to find a little corner in Bib’s place to fill up the joy of setting up our very own tree.  This year, we found a new location for the tree.  It no longer stands right next to the balcony.  Instead, Bibs suggested we place it near the entrance (we shifted the sofa-cabinet out temporarily).  It’s a great spot!  If you have seen the tree last year, this wouldn’t be anything new..hehe..


Last year I did not have my camera with me and hence I did not take any close up shots of the ornaments I bought for our tree.  So, here they are.  Today, I just found out that actually Bibs don’t really like the color theme that I selected 😦  Well…I guess he’ll have to bear with them for another year.  Perhaps when budget permits, next year we’ll explore another new theme 🙂  Hopefully by then, he’ll be a little bit more participative! *hmmph!* As usual, at the end of the successful effort, the tradition calls for a glass of icy-juice to celebrate!


With the Christmassy mood, we just turned off all the lights and let the hall be lit up by the lovely rice lights.  I just love this setting…it’s awesomely cozy 🙂  Camwhored a little before rushing off for dinner… *tee hee*


Bibs’s favorite touch lamp from IKEA 😀


Alrightey…one more obsessive shot! LOLx!!


Will show you my baby tree when it’s ready.  Working on some craft-ornament now 🙂



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