The strength!

Have to admit to my guilt today of not working and instead had been surfing around. Finally remembered to check out Oprah’s interview with Whitney Houston more than a month ago. The video was recently released in the Oprah’s show and since I don’t watch TV (plus we don’t subscribe to the channel), I watched it all from Well, technically speaking, I read all of it rather than watching on video. Just like what Oprah said, the interview was truly honest and completely opened up. I salute Whitney for that strength (finally!) and most of all, for not losing sight of God. But most of all, I feel even more in love with God knowing that regardless of situations and how battered we are, He has never said No to us. Instead, He adores us to bits that He would just take us in – just as we are.

I think you should read the interview too. Just in case you have forgotten the strength that you secretly have coming from Him.. 🙂 It’s all here.

And the videos can be found on the website too.




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