Who wins?

3 more days before we depart on our journey to Phnom Penh.  We are blessed to have met Lucille & Johnny (the missionaries from M’sia) last Sunday and they briefed us on what to expect there at Takhmao.  At least we all know we are in line with what’s expected of us.  The only thing we need to equip ourselves now is our spiritual health, physical health and our heart to honor Him.  The past 1.5 months had been difficult for most of us in the team.  Each and everyone of us had unexpected things popping out of no where; be it work, personal, health, or even accidents.  It’s almost like a spiritual war fare that has been going on for weeks and weeks. 

Today, two of us are down sick.  LLing is down with very bad cold and feverish for more than a week and had been taking antibiotics.  She was so pale & weak that we didn’t even want to wear her down for the skit.  I’m down again with very bad digestion problem coupled with flu.  I was already sick for weeks with my bad stomach issue and last Friday my body just gave in and I had sore throat, fever and flu.  I thought I had successfully overcome all of that with loads of liquid & Vit Cs…but alas! today, it’s all back again! 😦

One of the appointed drivers met with two accidents and the car ended up in the workshop and hence we had to change the transportation plan.  4 fellas had been working under tremendous stress due to unexpected audits, customer visits, down time and loads more. 1 brother just got back from US and barely even recovered from jetlag and just only managed to learn whatever we have been learning the past few weeks! There is a high level of anxiety and weariness amongst us. But I’m thankful that we are all there to offer comfort and support especially SPoh who has been very strong & firm despite all the things that are going on in the family & work.  She has been constantly reminding us of the mountains and rocks that we’ll have to overcome to make this possible. Praise God for the team and for seeing us through despite all the drainage in energy.  It’s just a little more. We are all anxious to get there and get things rolling.  Folks, continue to pray for us as the time draws closer.

Some random stuffs to share:-

Last Thurs we celebrated my bro’s belated b’day at home.  Actually it wasn’t a belated celebration cos we DID celebrate his b’day but mum decided to do something homely for him on Thurs since it was his Lunar b’day too.  Despite turning 24, he is still as baby as ever.  I went to pick up a simple mini cake on my way home and chose a Mocha cake for DarkChoc (sounds appropriate rite? :P).  I selected a little moo-moo to go with it since he’s born in the year of Ox.  Something about this cake really fit him perfectly – he loves the Love Letters! 😀 Mum prepared a scrumptious spread of seafood for steamboat.  There were so much we couldn’t even finish!


Han's 02Check out the funny looking “fishball”..it’s really freaky 😛


Last weekend Bibs & I spent a lot of time in church.  There were practices, meetings, and he attended the S.H.A.P.E sessions on Sunday (on his own..*proud*).  We were goofing around while waiting for our meeting to start in the next room.  I decided to look holy-moly by flipping the hymnal.  Nah..! I was just trying to ignore that crazy fella next to me that couldn’t stop irritating me with his new found favorite song – 十个女仔 (10 girls) by Sam Hui.  He’s so amused by the lyrics that basically sings about GAMA-lady.  Yes…he’s high on drugs! :P 


I know i look fat! Don’t rub it in!….BTW, try not to look at my bushy brows too long.. –_______-“


On Saturday night, I met up with the girls (Jup & SaDu) for our special dinner to celebrate the 1st Anniversary of s33o 😀 It was also to commemorate the 1st Anniv of Jup knowing SaDu 😀 We were suppose to meet on Friday night but the guilty-one (me) had to go for worship practice. Hence, our dinner was postponed to the day after.  I managed to wrap the little gifts for the girls in between all my busy schedules.  I just wanted to show you the mini soaps :D 


Toast-s33o We had a good dinner – great company!


I’m trying to stay awake till 1.30AM for my meeting. I’m not sure if i can do it…. my head is throbbing and I can feel my tummy going wanko. 


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