I’m beginning to feel very uneasy and super anxious today. I think I’m getting overly worried about the MT…I’m worried I’ll forget something very important… I’m worried something will happen and I’m not able to respond fast enough….I’m worried about going away from home and then something bad happens (had that experience a couple of times and it’s a phobia now)…I’m worried about the decisions that I have to make in this couple of weeks…I’m worried about falling sick while I travel…I’m worried about how things will be in PP as I travel in and out with the rest of the 9 pple…I’m worried if we’ll get along well…I’m worried if the children will even respond to us…I’m worried that I’m overly worried and overly expecting things over in PP that I might just be overly disappointed…I’m worried about not having internet connection for many days and I’m not able to be in touch…I’m worried that I’m worried over things that I shouldn’t be worried about but yet still feeling very worried…

You get the drift….rite?

Argh! *pull hair*

Kennysia is hiring a MARCOM exec. You think he’ll hire me? I can do with some workout-environment and away from home…should I even attempt?

I’m in love with Kandee the Make-up artist. She’s awesomely pretty and I so completely love her personality! Wishing I could be like her – as in jolly molly and able to do what she loves

I haven’t taken a photo of all my McD cup collection and I need to do so before I go off. I have this problem of wanting to do EVERYTHING before I leave home because I fear that I may not come back again and no one will ever do all these for me

I’m overly excited about the holiday that I’ll be taking at the end of the month (short trip) but I have to get all the things in between out of my head and out of my way first. Can’t let the excitement get in the way. Bibs, you do the thinking ok!!?

Argh.. cannot stop the speeding lupp-dupping sound!!

One more random:-

Was driving to work a couple of days ago and while I was rushing on the road (guilty!),  I drove over a plastic bag and it was flying in the air and eventually caught up with my car.  Guess where it rested? I was the “pink patrol” for the morning *embarrassing*


I think i’ll feel more at ease knowing I have internet connection and I can still be in touch.  It just feels a little overwhelming that I’m going off on my own and away from my comfort home.  I’m just worried about a lot of things…

AA038 phone finally gets to be fully charged.  That’s how frequent I’m being on the move!

P/s:  Sorry, I get even more random when I’m nervous >.<


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