It’s been months since I really get to slow down.  I’m starting to feel the drain in every possible aspect while more and more are being asked of me.  I’m not sure if I’m pushing myself a little over the limits or it’s just signs of aging that I’m feeling (I know, most of you are prolly nodding at the latter!).  Honestly, I cannot wait till the Cambodia trip is over to catch my breath.  Not that it’s such an agony that I’m dying for it to be over; it’s just the amount of preparation and also the anxiety about the unknown that can be quite taxing.  Plus one of our member was sent to US for more than 2 weeks causing us to have 1 less brain power.  But thankfully, everyone took things more seriously tonight and we really put our acts together and get things ironed out in our skits and songs (with actions!).  Wouldn’t say we are perfect in all these, but the effort really showed.  I’m glad to see that the hearts are finally aligned.

The only problem now is, time is just so short and not permitting for all the things that I planned for.  I have to start making difficult choices to re-prioritize certain things and I’m forseeing myself 747-ing people for pre-planned outings/commitments.  Honestly, I had this strange feeling this would happen but I tried not to think about it.  But true enough, it’s coming right up and it’s smacking me right at my face.  Eeek! Forgive me!! I really, truly, honestly, don’t want to do this :-S It’s not that you are less important that you have to make way for other things; but I seriously just don’t have much options.  If I have 48 hours a day and the energy of a 3 yr old..I wouldn’t mind taking them all in and still be able to do more.

I’m already getting an ulcer in my mouth.  My best-friend is late (horribly late!) and I’m beginning to get very poor sleep at night.  There’s just too much in my head.  As much as I’m thankful for lots of things to do (that I don’t have to scratch my head thinking of how to be productive), I just get stressed out very easily :-S  And…of all times…my PT Boss is calling me up again and he seems very desperate to get me back on the project to work on something.  Urgh.  I love the extra $$ part…but…seriously…bad timing.  I can’t afford to think about it right now.

Need sleep.

Good night world.  and…(potentially) Sorry Girls… *gulp*


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