What has gone wrong with TMNuts?

WAN connection at work has been awfully crappy.  So much so that even the LAN is badly affected.  Accessing internal networks can be quite a pain not to mention slowly down my system too.  I tried many times to get into OCR but was only successful ONCE in the past weeks.  By then, I had forgotten what I wanted to write or was too busy to even think about it. 

Some quick updates before I dive into bed.  Wait..I go turn on the AC. It’s getting very warm in my room.



Had a twin-banana while writing this..cool eh?

First thing to update – My aunt’s surgery went very well.  Praise God for the smooth surgery, extremely fast recovery, amazing strength and energy in my aunt! We are all very relieved and thankful that everything had gone so well.  All glory to Him :)   Despite having to endure 8 hours of surgery and a colostomy (permanent), aunt took it well and she was almost regaining her strength by end of the 2nd day.  The only challenge she had to embrace was 5 days of fasting (which lead to a total of 8 days of no food since she admitted to the hosp).  All had been well nonetheless.  No one had to stay overnight to take care of her since she was placed in the Close Monitoring Room (CMR) for almost 3.5 days before being moved to a normal ward.  This too was a great blessing because there was AC at the CMR and it’s way more peaceful and less distraction; a perfect condition for her to rest & recover.  She’s still at the hosp but we would expect her to be discharged very soon.  Perhaps get her 1st shot of chemo before returning home to continue with the remaining of the chemo.  We are praying hard that after all these, she’ll be cancer-free once and for all!


Because the surgery ended very late, me and couz bro checked into a super duper old hotel and bunk for the nite. Thankful for the hot shower and a bed to sleep in.


Oh, and I think I told you guys about this hospital at Alor Setar – Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital.  It’s like a 5-star hotel poorly maintained.  It’s about 3 – 5 years old only.  Everything is still quite new and it’s amazingly equipped.  It’s really meant to benefit the *ahems* but of cos, since it’s a govt hospital, we get to also use the facilities.  My aunt’s surgery cost is capped at RM400! Can you imagine that? The amount of cost that we saved just by going to a govt hospital.  And the wards are so well equipped and furnished that you cannot imagine it being a GH!  The cafetaria alone is awesome.  The only thing is there is no AC in the building unless you stay in the 2nd class wards or above.  And another downside – the place is highly infested with ANTS!


I didn’t take any pics there except for the cafetaria where we waited for hours in between for the visiting hours

I’ve been very busy with work.  Work has been abnormally heavy.  Normally at this time of the year, everything slows down and preparing for the holidays.  Our product just got released last Friday and tonight marks the announcement of the product release in the market.  So, HOORAY! There goes another chapter, another cycle since my 6.5 years of working as a permanent staff! *sigh* More to come I reckon.  Apart from work, been fully occupied with a lot of church work – WAM stuffs have been rolling in and out and I have yet to plan for my recruitment drive *eek*

Remember I mentioned about my Nov trip? Well, it’s actually a Mission Trip that I’ll be part of.  I’ll be heading to Cambodia with a group of 9 others (Nov 12-15) and we’ll be working closely with the folks at the His Child International NGO at Phnom Penh.  It hasn’t been an easy preparation process because we don’t really know what to expect and communication with the PIC at the other end hasn’t exactly been easy either due to the lack of telecommunication infrastructure.  In a nutshell, we’ll mostly be working with children – from orphans to street children who are out to beg for money or exposed to drug abuse and prostitution.  We’ll also be heading to some village to minister to them.  There, we’ll be expecting adults and children.  Apparently the condition at Phnom Penh is so stringent that these villages have almost no source of provision that the adults have to sell their children to syndicates that would then make them go into the streets to earn money (in whatever ways possible!).  Some children were just chased out of their home by their parents and left to fend for themselves.  His-Child is a Christian organization that runs a church, an orphanage and also provides pre-school facilities.  While they minister to those who can afford or who has come forward to seek help/salvation; they are also actively involved in the “bus ministry” where the bus provides shower facilities to bathe & clean the street children.  During this time, they will try to evangelize and minister to the kids or whoever that has turned their attention to them even for a few seconds.  Language is a big barrier for us and we have to be very versatile with our plans & effort too.  Of cos, many things can be prepared before hand while even more things will require the Spirit to guide us.  This is, afterall, His work; not ours.  We have been practicing our songs, skit, testimonies, evangelism sharing and also this evangelism game (origami) which will be use as a tool to share the gospel. 


The origami I’ve been busy working on on top of all the other preparations


Testing out the portable speakers that we’ll be bringing to Cambodia. Cool speakers (borrowed from SaDu)

So, keep us in prayers would you? 🙂 Will be needing lots of wisdom & strength from Him to overcome the anxiety and whatever that awaits us there.  I truly hope that He will speak to me during this trip and hopefully…I’ll get some signs of where/what I should be heading/doing.

Gonna hit the sack. It’s going to be a very long week with lots of morning meetings.  I’m just glad that things in other parts of my life (well, not all but most) are going well.  I’m truly thankful for His grace & mercy.


Good night World.


2 thoughts on “What has gone wrong with TMNuts?

  1. WOW! Praise God! I’ve been waiting for your news for ages 😀

    Amazing to hear bout ur aunt’s recovery from op.

    And ALL THE BEST with mission trip in Cambodia!:) I only wish I could go. May the Lord anoint your mission team to accomplish the work He has prepared for you guys to do and may He send His angels to protect the team from any harm. When u come back, we can go out for lunch sometime. My hols starting soon!

    • Whoa..holidays!! Nice! 😀 Thanks for the encouragement! 🙂 I’ll be singing “Yesus Pokok” all the way in Phnom Penh! 😛

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