The past weeks have been CRAZY and this is definitely going to continue for another few more weeks. Honestly, I can sense a burn out deep within and I fear most of falling sick. There’s so much to do at work, in church, at home and for the upcoming Nov trip (which I haven’t even the time to update on). How can anyone possible utilize all 24 hours and live as though they are granted 72 hours a day?? I truly salute pple like Big Bird and RogTi. Something about these two fellas…must be the cranky altered DNA. Won’t be the least surprise if I see Energizer-shape-genes in their DNA!

I’m rushing against time now. Every week I’ll have a few items scattered around that leaves me with very little flexibility to plan or even re-plan! This week alone, I only had Tuesday night free (not that this is news) and even that, I spent the night doing my work and the remaining hours of my sleeping time in pain all thanks to my on-strike left lower arm. No was so painful that I just couldn’t sleep and struggled throughout the night trying to find a way to soothe the pain. I noticed I’ve been awake a few nights praying for weird reasons – nightmare…aching hand…stomach pain…troubled mind. You can just imagine what’s the quality of rest I’m actually getting!

This Sunday, I’ll be heading to Alor Setar to help care for my aunt who will be having her 2nd surgery to extract the cancer growth. I’m not entirely sure where is the position of the tumor since even the surgeons are not certain exactly where it is – small yet lethal! I could only pray that the surgery is successful and no further complications. Her 1st surgery 3 years ago left her big intestine punctured and ureter trimmed because the growth was so massive that part of it was growing on her ureter that the doctors had no choice but to trim and reconnect using metal rod. That period of recovery was really agonizing since she had to continue with chemo treatment. Those days still send shiver down my spine whenever I think about it. But honestly, I’m very proud of my aunt. Despite her age and the pain she has to endure, she has been a very strong woman; one hell of a winner I must say. So, this round, I know she’s set for it. But I truly truly hope that this would be the last time she’ll ever need a surgery and that the healing process would be fast & easy.

With one cousin sis down sick, there’s literally left with 3 females at home amongst us to attend to my aunt. Big couz bro is back and will be around for a week to take over. I’m really thankful for the cousins who are always there to support despite our very own busy and distinctly different lifestyles. It’s almost like there’s this mutual understanding but yet we know our roles. Thank God for good family members this generation!

So, I’ll be in AS from Sunday till Tuesday. Sis will take over from Tues to Thurs and eventually another couz will continue for the remaining weekend. In the event aunt is not able to come home within a week, we’ll have to repeat the same thing again for the following week.

There have been so many things happening lately. Problems at home, problems at work, lots of things to worry about and forever things that need attention & actions! I really dunno if this is just a bad timing or it’s really the devil making life difficult for me to pull my spirit down for the upcoming trip. Well, whatever it is, I guess I’ll be needing a whole lot more prayers than I had anticipated.

In case I don’t get to write again until next week, please help to pray for me. Some prayer items:-


  • Pray for peace, patience & forgiveness amongst family members.  May God works within us and instill His love in each of us so that we would learn to accept and appreciate one another
  • Pray for a smooth surgery.  Pray that doctors and medical assistants will have the right knowledge to treat my aunt and that they will also have sufficient rests
  • Pray for strength, rest and protection for those who would be traveling to/fro Alor Setar to care for aunt.  Pray that we’ll all have the wisdom and patience as we accompany her throughout the healing process
  • Pray for healing for the sick and healing for the broken hearted


  • Pray that work can be completed on time and that my temper will be contained.  Let patience and love for one another surpasses all the shortcomings amongst peers & superiors

Nov Trip

  • Pray that all planning work will go on smoothly and that He will grant us the wisdom in our preparation – deciding on the right strategy to fully utilize our skills/gifts during this trip to touch lives


  • Pray that relationship with Bibs would be strengthen especially during this challenging time when we have lesser time for one another. Pray for patience and love, understanding and support
  • Pray that friendships and bonding are strengthen despite the lacking in time for one another

Thanks brothers and sisters.

I’ll write again whenever I can.


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