Pulau Aman

Rare occasion where the whole family goes for a mini-food-excursion.  Since the Queen is free and no longer have to work at the factory for 16/7, just thought it’ll be nice to do something different and try something new.  It’s kinda silly to have gone all the way to Pulau Aman just to try out the ala-famous mee udang (prawn noodles) and seafood.  But anyways, it was a fun trip. 

Pulau Aman; as most of you prolly do not know where the heck it is; is actually just 10 minutes of boat ride from the Pulau Aman Jetty.  From PG island, just head towards the Bukit Tambun toll.  From there, look for road signs to the Batu Kawan State Stadium.  When you reach the stadium, just keep on going and look out for Pengkalan Pulau Aman (Pulau Aman Jetty) road signs.  Pretty straight forward if you follow the right instruction.  There are many other routes to get there; so, try at your own risk. 

I apologize for not having any photos to show you.  I didn’t have a camera and Bib’s camera has no memory card (cos I took it and the cam is with DarkChoc).  But I wouldn’t mind going back there again when I have the time.  Just for the sake of a short & easy trip.  The island is very peaceful and simple.  The sky is blue and big.  The sea is….not very clean but wide open.  Just gives you a carefree feeling :) 

So, basically…at the jetty, park your car and go hop into a ferry.  RM6 per pax for a return jetty ride.  Nothing fancy.  The trip is just about 10 minutes or less.  Today’s weather was pretty OK so there wasn’t any big waves. I reckon the waves won’t be too bad unless it’s a storm.  So, unless you have major seasick issue, this shouldn’t be a problem.  When you reach the island, it’s all just the wooden houses – a typical Malay village.  As you approach the island, you can see the restaurant where you can get the ala-famous prawn noodles – RESTAURANT TERAPUNG PULAU AMAN (Pulau Aman Floating Restaurant).  It’s a clean & decent place that serves only 3 types of food – mee goreng udang (fried yellow noodle with prawns), mee rebus udang (yellow noodle with gravy & prawns) and nasi goreng udang (fried rice with prawns).  Priced at RM6 each with at least 4 big prawns each. Don’t expect them to have anything and if you don’t take prawns, you pretty much shouldn’t be bothered to make this food-trip 😛

At the verandah of the restaurant, there’s an area where fishing boats would stop by to sell their catch of the day to the restaurant owner.  Then, if you are interested, you can buy them and have the restaurant prepare it at the simplest manner.  You can normally find stuffs like the mantis prawn (huge!), more prawns, sometimes fishes, crabs and squids.  However, again, don’t expect anything fancy.  The restaurant will normally just steam it for you at a minimal charge.  But the seafood is really fresh and nice.  Pricey too if I may add.  We bought 5 mantis prawns (slightly longer than the size of my palm) and it costs RM70 (that’s a kg).  BTW, did you know mantis prawn is called udang lipan? 😀

All in all, i would say you should go try it out if you haven’t been there before.  It’s nothing to shout about.  Many bloggers have claimed the food to be one of the best-est mee udang around and how fresh the seafood is.  But…it’s OKla.  It’s just a short trip which is rather convenient.  The ferry begins at 10AM and so does the restaurant.  According to some blogs, the ferry schedules:
                            Bukit Tambun –> Pulau Aman = 10am, 1pm, 4pm and 7pm
                            Pulau Aman –> Bukit Tambun = 8am, 12noon, 3pm and 6pm

Since today is a public holiday, there are apparently more ferry rides.  Oh well, if you are a visual person, go ahead and check out some blogs that have written in detail along with loads of pics. 



Oh, and I got to see what’s a buah sukun (breadfruit).  The locals fry the sliced fruit and they look pretty much like fried sliced tapioca and even taste about that – breadfruit fritters.  From wiki, it seems like the fruit can be used as a source of carbo *shrug*


So, that’s what I did in the morning.

Gotta go get some work done now.

Cheers & toodles!


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