Lunching with Dodo

Again, i have to declare that I’m just taking a breather in the midst of my heavy workload. I am working

It’s gonna be a super busy day today with meetings and lots of data compilation and analysis to finish. Honestly, I dunno how they expect me to finish up over 300+ issue analysis by Monday and come out with a decent report. Hmm…I think the key point is the decent part. Tough. Real tough.

Anyways, guess what? I found a Dodo in my office *LOLx* No joke. They flew one over from the states and I’ll be lunching with it later. *double LOLx* Ok. It’s just a joke. Please don’t take it seriously. 😛 These days, I have to be careful with what I write or talk about. Sensitive….


The Dodo that I know of and kinda like actually exists in the cartoon – Alice in the Wonderland 😀


Next up, I’ll post a bit more about my Nov trip and the stuffs I have to learn within this short time 😛



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