A mid-nite quickie

I’m about to hit the sack but since I’m suffering from some major stomach woes, I decided to surf around while I continue to endure bombings at the throne.  Was reading some articles and user entries at MSN’s “Love & Sex” column and eventually was led to this poll which I actually would like to know what’s your thought on this (although I’m pretty much already know what’s your take though..)


Have you ever though of this? Moving in with your bf/gf before marriage? Honestly speaking, I’m quite a supporter to the idea of moving in with your partner before marriage.  Because the whole idea of getting to know each other’s habits (especially those deadly habits that you can never rid and just have to live with them like it or not) and just gauge if you can even withstand living with each other; I think it’s a great measurement tool before you even sign above the dotted lines.  No?  Ok…I know on the spiritual aspects, this is technically not allowed (or can I carefully change the term to discouraged?).  But if you ask me, before I became serious on my spiritual walk, I would go all out in supporting the idea of moving in.  However, if you ask me again today, I think I’ll put in a 2nd thought.  Not only because I know it’s spiritually incorrect (it’s quite similar to not encouraged right?), I think I would want to really know how it feels like to have my own home (alone!) and not having to share a room/bed with anyone else…I’m drop dead serious about wanting a room on my own (if i can’t get a house that is)!  So, anyways, if you’re interested to know what others think, you can go ahead and check it out at the page.  Go cast your vote.

poll02BTW, moving in doesn’t necessarily mean you have to sleep on the same bed……right?  Oops…I think you can see where my vote is going!


6 thoughts on “A mid-nite quickie

  1. Been there, done that (unlike most of your readers, I assume)… So my vote is YES!!! You might set yourself up for major disappointments otherwise.

    As for the spiritual part… Marriage as we know it today is a relatively recent development, I don’t think there is any Biblical injunction against it (after all Adam and Eve weren’t legally married… were they?)

    I won’t comment on the bed-sharing part 😉

    • Wow…I wasn’t expecting “this” answer from you tho 😛 But i totally agree on the “You might set youreslf up for major disappointments otherwise”… how true how true… but even if you were to stay together..that doesnt make the disappointments go away..it just gives you time to decide if you can live on by ignoring the them..hehe

  2. Btw… a word of caution here… Most men would probably expect the ‘bed’ thingie to flow on naturally from the ‘moving in together’ thingie (goes with the territory, so to speak). A case of misplaced male ego I guess… But it’s worth clarifying beforehand 🙂

    • U’ve got a good point there..hehe… The “territory” part is funny. i guess it’s better to have the guy moving into the girl’s territory then 😛

      I think it’s still best to consider getting my own place and enjoy my serenity.. haha!

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