Which one first?

I have so many things not blogged since Sept and now I’m completely swamped with work and what nots. Work has been so crazy the past few weeks. Slipping schedule, overwhelming edits, reviews, tonnes of nonsensical stuffs kept coming in and everyone is beginning to feel the heat because we have technically just 2 more days before everything is on freeze for production unless utterly emergency, we can still push things in until the release date on WW44.5. But until then..I think my life will continue to get shortened and my hair will eventually turn snowy soon! Prrfff!

I’m suddenly thinking of Kaya+Butter toast with a nice cup of hot coffee+tea (my ever favorite “Cham”/mix drink)! Random..

Anyways, as I slowly pace my life back to normal (won’t be traveling anymore for the next 6 weeks), I hope I’ll eventually be able to write a little about my recent trips. Hopefully not in one seating or you’ll completely doze off with all my boring food stories 😛

I’m now in the midst of planning for my Nov trip which I will fill you in when things are more confirmed. At the mo, there are just a lot of stuffs uncertain and I don’t even know what to expect or is expected out of me. Guess I’ll keep this short. Probably gonna go catch up on some movies while Bibs dial in for his meeting. I’m all hungry now…and just can’t wait to sink my teeth into some yummilicious food!


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