What’s more embarrassing?

To have misunderstood a kind Samaritan who was trying to relieve you for further embarrassment?
To be walking across a mall with half your butt cheek showing?

It’s unbelievable what just happened today. Both funny and embarrassing…but still more funny than the latter. Mid-Autumn (中秋) falls on the 15th day 8th month of the Lunar calendar. Also known as 八月十五 (August 15th) which also means your backside (in Chinese that is..but don’t ask me why). Jokingly, Bibs said I’m celebrating 中秋 a bit too early by revealing half a moon. -____-”

Seriously..I just don’t know what’s more embarrassing or funny about. The fact that a kind man came up to use when we were having lunch at KFC and he tried to tell Bibs about my torn pants via some scribbled message on a serviette. But he was being so discreet that Bibs mistook him as some cranky fella trying to do something funny. Bibs kinda lost his cool a little and shove the serviette away. That got the man a little pissed too but neither of us knew what he was up to. I mean..really… who would have thought he was trying to pass us a message!! And i thought they should be doing that by folding small message notes into mooncakes?? LOLx Anyways, when Bibs finally realized what he meant (cos he saw my cute undies peeking out of the back-then-still-small-torn-pants when I went to wash my hands), he quickly came over and shielded me all the way to the car park. This part was hilarious cos he was standing right behind me trying to protect me. The way Bibs described his effort of moving his body left and right to offer more coverage..that was really cracked me up! 😛

So..there you go. My virgin butt cheek out in the public as an early celebration of the Mid-Autumn. I guess you won’t mind me wishing you an early 中秋节快乐/Happy Mid-Autumn!

And to the kind man with the pony tail… I’m sorry we didn’t realize what you were saying. But I thank you for trying to warn us. Praise God, it came to our realization. And I can only pray that the Lord will bless your kind soul and reward you for your kindness. Thank You 🙂

and now…. you can stop laughing!…. -_______-”


5 thoughts on “What’s more embarrassing?

  1. Hahahahhaa……….
    Okay I better stop laughing. I pity the guy…. well… i respect him for his kind deeds.

    Bibs…. you got to take things cooler…. 😛
    Orc… hope you are okay now… despite the interesting event you went through tho. 🙂

    • Hah! i am of cos ok. Just that I lost 1 more pants to wear. Ironically, i was just thinking how cool it is to have a pair of pants that lasts me so long. I guess it was trying to tell me something already… hehehe..

  2. Stained the seat of my jeans yesterday, and was walking around school the whole morning with that bright patch of red…when only one kind soul decided to point it out to me at the end of school 😛

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