Peace One Day

Jeremy Gilley. That’s the person you will always remember even if you may not recall his name by the next Peace Day.

I have always wanted to do something big. I have ALWAYS believe I am meant to do something big or to be part of something big. I have ALWAYS claim that I want to make a difference. A difference. But how many times have I backed off at the sight of trials and tribulations? How many times have circumstances shove my beliefs down the sewage? How many times, have visions turned into dreams? I am so ashamed of my self-claimed commitment and determination after I watched this film and know what Jeremy Gilley had done for something that he so strongly believe in – One Day of Peace Globally.

Since 1998, 10 years is a long time. It’s a much longer time when only a few hands are involved in making a difference. Watch this. I promise you it’ll be one of the best things you had done with an hour and 21 minutes of your life thus far. Just quietly watch this, and ponder…really ponder. And then pray..

Sept 21 was just 4 days away. Yes, we may have missed being part of the important day or even attempting to play our parts in creating the awareness of Peace One Day. But trust me, this is the time where you would want to ask yourself, what are you going to do before the next 361 days?

A day of Peace may sound like just another day that would come and go and make no difference in anyone’s life. People will still fight and kill. Lives would still be lost and families ruined. You may be asking, what can one day do? To me, I truly want to believe that this one day is going to make a significant impact; it is going to give everyone a chance to quietly reflect on what they are doing day in and day out. Imagine a soldier who has been fighting each day from dusk till dawn; staying alive is basically his only life goal. What would that one day of rest do to him? Would he not think about the silence from the gunfire? The tranquility from blasting and screams? The calm and serenity in his heart knowing he won’t have to raise his weapon on another soul – innocent or not? Peace One Day will make a difference!

What then, are you willing to do?
Is there a willingness to do whatever it takes to do something for yourself? And everyone else?

Are you sure you’ll be able to walk away today without doing something about this? Peace One Day

Let these 24 hours be fully utilized and touch lives – Sept 21.

Write about it. Talk about it. Tell people about it. And if you want to be part of it, Take Action. If you want to help sponsor the effort, do it.

Let it be a day that we all look forward to…every YEAR. Not just once. But always…


One thought on “Peace One Day

  1. I had heard of the Peace Day, but sadly did not do anything out of the ordinary on September 21st, not even achieve a day of peace in my own life đŸ˜¦

    I am going to watch the movie now and post something on my blog. Maybe we can start a group and discuss what we can do over the next 360 days!

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