Last 5.5hrs in Kuantan

Time flies. I arrived in Kuantan last Friday at 6PM and in 5.5hours, I’ll be boarding the bus heading back to the island. Another most-dreaded 10 hours of ride. Since it’s a night bus, i reckon we’ll arrive within 9 hours. But’s a long ride. Let’s hope we both can sleep soundly all the way through. Speaking of which, I need to get my MP3 player charged *goes off to get player*

This trip to Kuantan has been somewhat different. First of all, I’m here not primarily for a vacation but for the Choir invitation from Kuantan Wesley Methodist Church (KWMC). Then, Bibs and I decided to extend our stay for another night while the rests of the choir troupe left yesterday after lunch & 3-layer-coffee for KL to cut their journey shorter instead of a full 10 hour stretch. Wise.

I find it hard to describe this trip really. It’s completely unexpected, fulfilling, encouraging, relaxing…but most of all…happy. It’s really a mixture of everything. Find it a little overwhelming even trying to look for the right words to say at this mo. Partially also because I dread for tonight’s ride home 😛 BTW, don’t expect much photos this trip. I barely took any actually. Somehow just didn’t have the urge to take pictures 🙂

KWMC folks
Was telling Jup26 yesterday evening via mobile Y!M about the folks here in KWMC. I’m honestly very very extremely touched by their warmth and love. No joke. I have not come across people who are warmer and caring than them in my life (I mean comparatively for a bunch of strangers). On the evening we arrived, Ps Joshua Khong was already in church waiting to welcome us (even though we meant to unload the equipments before the rests of the troupe checked in to the hotel). He was there with another brother. While the rests left for the hotel, Bibs and I stayed on to wait for our ride. Our first encounter with Ps JK was already something different. He is a person with much poise and assertiveness; you can tell from the tone of his voice. The first impression he gave was pretty much a stern & no-fooling-around person. I remember mentioning how much I look forward for Nasi Dagang this trip and hope that the shops are still open before the Raya break.

That evening, 2 CGs cooked dinner and basically planned the entire welcoming program for us (which Bibs & I did not join cos we wanted to spend some time with the family instead). But was told by Big Bird how they prepared dinner for 20 of them, planned ice breaker games, worship and all. I mean..seriously…this don’t happen in TMC! It’s always the “Hospitality Chairman” who does it all with her fellow comrades. Right? Of cos, KWMC is a smaller church and hence everyone knows everyone and that’s another amazing thing to talk about. I’ll talk more about this in a separate post. So, back to the Nasi Dagang part. Obviously I was not lucky this trip when it comes to food cos most shops were close *bummers* Ps JK asked me about my Nasi Dagang attempt on SAturday when we met again for practice. And you won’t believe it…he actually remembered that I could not get my cravings fulfilled..and instead..he specifically ordered Nasi Dagang catering for Sunday’s lunch just so that we can all try that before we (or rather they) leave! How thoughtful is that? If it was me..I prolly dismiss that thought and never even think about it again! And to top it all up, on Sunday while we were clearing up all our equipments before joining the rests of the folks for lunch at the verandah…Ps JK came into the sanctuary and specifically called me to go have my share of the Nasi Dagang! Oh…and I have to mention..he gave me a new name though >.<… P** Y***…'s not uncommon for this to happen…so, that's alright la.. 😛 And Ps JK even scooped my lunch for me!! I'm telling you…. the experience with these people in KWMC is really amazing! I'll try to share more in another posts.. 🙂

Food in Kuantan
Ok…I just realize I have to pack for tonight’s journey 😛 I guess I can’t write anymore for now. Paiseh… But I’ll try to do so tomorrow after I get all my backlogs of housework cleared. For now….I will try to remember everything that I want to share. Hopefully…..I get to them soon before i forget! 😀

Until then, pray for journey mercy ok? 🙂 See you back at the island soon.

P/s: SaDu, hope you get better soon ya



2 thoughts on “Last 5.5hrs in Kuantan

  1. Interesting!! Thank God that I got internet now. I can keep myself update with things back home.
    I miss you guys lots!!

    I am still at the stage of recovering and stuck at home most of the time. BORED is the word.

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