We made it!

10 hours of bus ride is no joke. My last long distant ride to S’pore was in 2005. You can imagine how long it’s been since I last tested my knees and coccyx! But thankfully, I slept most of the time throughout the journey. Praise God for the rest! I always struggle to sleep during bus rides or flights. I guess the accumulated exhaustions helped. Oh…I forgot to mention…we have finally safely arrived in the land of Kuantan *grin* Let’s just say the ride could have been worse. Also..I’m thankful the traffic is not too heavy although there are lots of cars on the highway already today due to the long weekend of Eid celebration. I’m so happy for the additional 2 days off! *hip hip hooray!*

I did not manage to post anything on my recent Malacca trip but I did put up the photos for most of you to view. I’ll try to find the time to write more about the trip since 75% of my pictures are gone for good and I will have to depend on my memory power to narrate the remaining of what I can remember. For those who do not know..I’m here in Kuantan with the Choir troupe and we’ll be singing at the Kuantan Wesley church anniversary. First thing we got here was dropped the equipments at the church. The church is smaller in size compared to TMC but it feels very much warmer though. I like the pews. Everything is scaled down but the compound is so much larger! There is even a Tamil & Chinese church just nearby. Talk about needing interpreters and they’re just across the street! Hah! The troupe will be here till Sunday after service and while they head up to KayElle for a night rest, I’ll be staying behind with Bibs so that he can have some time at home. All thanks to the M’sian flights..there are no options to come down to Kuantan anymore unless you wanna pay a ridiculous air fare and fly MAS. *prrrfff*

Tonight, the folks will be having their welcoming dinner at KWC hall. How thoughtful of the church members really. But I won’t be joining them. Will spend some time at home with everyone instead. Tomorrow, practice begins and it’ll be real busy. For now, I’m just gonna start adjusting to the Kuantan clock. Seriously…if you ever need to relax..you should take a week or so off and come here. Everything moves…v…e….r…y….s…l…o…w…l…y…! 10 minutes feel like 30 minutes! i kid you not. By saying this, I don’t mean it in a bad way. I totally appreciate that fact. So, i’m game for that this round although I’m pretty sure I’ll be very busy for the next 2 days at least!

Will write again when time permits. I won’t be able to upload any photos until I get home. Until then, I’ll continue to update via Twitter. If you follow me on P…you’ll know I’m still alive! 😛

Cheers for now folks! Toodles…


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