My poor mocha is totally traumatized!! How am I going to leave my baby at home alone with that horrible uncle of his!!! THIS IS TERRIBLE!! I wanna lodge a report to the animal abuse dept and SUE DarkChoc!!!

I got home from choir practice tonight and THIS is what I see?!! My gawd!! Curvy nails hooked to Mocha’s ears.  He was literally pinned to the rulers on his forehands & back! A crocodile clip at his ear lobes and to make the whole process even more heart breaking…both his arms were hooked to the belt which was hung on to the curtain rail!! My lord!! My poor Mocha!!

And just yesterday, Mocha was forced to dress like a girl! Arggh!! *scream my lungs out*

Should I send DarkChoc to the hospital and have his brain scanned??


4 thoughts on “Traumatize!

    • Aihh…cos he’s unemployed now..for more than a month dy. Hence, my poor son is his entertainment…daily! 😥

      and Mocha was tortured beyond crucifixion lo..his arms were even locked into the belt!! 😥 so sad!!

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