Heading south

Sitting in Bib’s study room while waiting for dinner time before heading to CG…I’m somewhat feeling very unprepared for tomorrow’s trip to the Heritage Land. I have not packed nor have I figured out how to travel light. If you know me, you’ll know I can never travel light. But I’m WAYYY better than Bibs! That’s for sure. If given a choice, he would bring the whole house…trust me!

I guess I should start making a list of what to bring & pack. By the time I get home tonight, it’s gonna be super late since we are going to celebrate quite a number of B’day (5 of them!) tonight! *grin* Wish I could do more for them at one go, but we have all been so busy that I think our presence as a complete CG would matter the most for now.

Intend to keep this short. So, folks…while I go checkout Jonker Street and A Farmosa…you guys behave yourself ya. I hope I will be able to find all the yummy stuffs there. I haven’t been to Malacca since I was 12! That place had better leave a good impression after this! Chicken Rice Ball and Chendol Gula Melaka…HERE I COME!! *woo hoo*

Before I forget, SaDu, have a pleasant & safe trip down under. Remember what I told you! Be good to yourself and really enjoy your rest time…although I know you are not really going to get to rest 😛 Send my love to the notie one 😀 Tell him to leave a room for me! 😀 See you in a months’ (plus 2 days) time!

Bye folks!

P/s: I’m very happy I managed to sell some of my RSUs! *yipee* Too bad, the currency is not that good now. Otherwise, I might just earn a couple of hundreds extra! 😉 I’m very thankful nevertheless!

One thought on “Heading south

  1. Dear have a good time there! I havent been to Malacca since 12 too! Guess we were there the same school trip right? 😛

    Take pictures back for me. 🙂 Yes, I will send your regards to the notie one. Hehehe…… guess we are going to start fighting the min we have the chance to do so. Hahahaha…

    yeah see u soon in person… and online if possible. Take care and God bless!!

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