The weekend is back

Knowing how short weekends normally are…I have loads to do this weekend although I’m determined to go slower and less intense.  Let’s see how I manage that!


  • Breakfast with BBoss — Done
  • Laundry (no washing machine..i dunno how to operate it) — Done
  • Vacumn & wipe the floor (yes, i wipe..not mop) –- Postponed!
  • Wash toilet, bathroom & sinksTo replace the postponed task 😛 Done
  • Hair cut & treatment— Done
  • Hike with Bibs –- Postponed! The weather looked threatening… 😛
  • Dinner Done.  Had a good beef steamboat with 2e, 2j, 3e and Bibs. Nice..
  • Chill Done. Took a stroll in GP for a short while.  Wanted to watch a movie but nothing was catchy enuff.  Checked out LCD TVs but didnt make any impulsive purchase. Wrapped up the evening with 2 nice drinks from Starbucks (one of which was FOC thanks to the collected stamps)


  • Church — Done
  • Lunch — Done
  • Ironing — Postponed

  • Backup Harry — Postponed

  • Chill at whichever home I end up in — Done…short one anyways..
  • Hike with Bibs — Done..went with LC & CJ but I didn’t survive after Pt3. Somehow the banana leaf lunch was going up and down my throat 😛 Had to call it quits and LC accompanied me.  Had very nice Ginger Tea 😀
  • Dinner — Done!!
  • Mourning for the loss of the weekend — Doing…*sob sob* — eventually Done..

The biggest challenge this week is actually clearing up Harry.  Honestly, I am secretly hoping my PT Boss would tell me I don’t have to return Harry.  I’ve grown accustomed to having an additional baby at home and hell it’s so much more convenient.  Now I have to clear up all my precious porn data and make sure the machine is completely cleaned up so that no one will ever circulate find porn data!  Argh! I hate clearing up harddisks! I’m overly paranoid!  Gaaaaakkkkkkk… and I need a PT soon!

Gotta go shower & get ready.  BBoss appearing at my doorstep soon.  Dim sum anyone?  See ya there!

Ps: CeCe, not sure if you’ll check my blog.  Hope you have landed and getting use to the weather.  Say HI to BB and Mr Kruger! Have fun ya.  Will chat with you soon.


2 thoughts on “The weekend is back

    • I dunno how to use a’s harder to move around than just using a piece of cloth. Plus i dont like the part where I have to rinse the mop..eek! Often wonder wats hidden between those hair

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