It’s really “Now you see, now you don’t” for the long weekend. So much of excitement on Friday evening about the nice long holiday and’s all over and the counter restarts all over again. Of cos, it’s not the case for Bibs cos someone gets a day off next Monday again! *hmmph* *blek*

We did so many things over the weekend that I think we end up feeling rather exhausted but it was satisfying for me since I would not want to see my holiday go to waste 😛 But I’m glad we managed to wrap it up gently and subtly on Monday evening. Not much picture taken though..

Basically the entire weekend was almost like a 3D4N b’day celebration for my b’day boy. Of cos, most of the time not celebrating his only but also my uncle’s and CeCe’s whose b’days also fall around the same time. Since we were both rather tired & busy on Friday evening, we didn’t really do anything major. Instead, Bibs opted for our favorite pork-noodle for dinner which we actually ended up gobbling down since we were running late for practice in church. After dinner, we went straight for church but we didn’t stay long cos my beloved sound tech decided not to stay on till the end. Afterall, it’s not like it’s a special service on Sunday. Hence, regular services require minimal tweaking 🙂 We headed to Haagen Dazs and I bought us ice cream *slurp slurp* We were both rather full after dinner and the AC at the parlor was out. So, our ice cream didn’t exactly turned out that yummilicious. Imagine having to dive into the ice cream as fast as possible before it melts in the heat 😛 But luckily, Bibs had a waffle to clean up the plate and I had brownies to go along with mine 😀 *drool* The night for us ended early as I was completely drained out and my tummy was acting up. Knowing that Bibs will be going out with his buddies for drinks..I decided to grant him his boys-nite-out 😛 (such kind soul eh? :P)

Saturday was a good mixture of food and some swimming. Of cos, I was exploited to do some B’day cooking which turned out semi-disastrous. Well..I already forewarned him but he claimed he would eat whatever nonsense I cook. So…*evil laugh*…he did finish the food 😛 I just feel bad for ruining the main dish that he requested for. Paiseh! We managed to have dinner at Vintage Bulgaria (finally! after talking about it for so long). Dinner was good but the waiting for disappointing. Although they claimed that it was a full house and hence they had a hard time serving on time…but judging from the size of the restaurant..honestly..waiting 1.5 hours for your food is really not justifiable. Nonetheless, food was good minus the cheap & lousy dessert they serve! If you are going to visit that place one day, don’t take the set dinner. I think it’s a rip off!

Ambiance and deco is pretty warm and comfortable

CW: Salad with bacon wrapped in cheese, Platter Bulgaria 1, Cod Fish in cream sauce, Seafood soup. I forgot to take pics of my lamb shank 😛

3 candles for the 3 b’day boy. But too bad, one of the b’day boy had to go off after waiting forever for the food

Sunday evening was spent eating again. But I was disappointed with the buffet at E&O though. Don’t go there during the Ramadhan period. The food is really not worth it. But thankfully, we had a 50% discount thanks to 2e. Still okla… Two nights in a row of heaving food. We were beginning to surrender. Good thing on Monday we didn’t agree to indulge in anything else. It was whole day of home cooked food. Yes, you guessed it right. I cooked, he ate. I dunno who to pity more 😛 Oh..we went for massage at Deluxcious too. All was well and 3e joined us for an hour of treat 😀 The only thing that wasn’t so great about that session was the fact that my masseur said I have too much lemak (fats) and should go for slimming!!! That’s pretty much our weekend already. Which explains why we’re all feeling so Tuesday blue…bluer than blue.

I’m going to have to make some big decisions soon. But at the mo, I just don’t think I have the ability to think rationally let alone make a wise decision for my future. I have to speak to some right folks to get the right input before making an OK decision (there really isn’t any right or wrong decision anyways). Workload is building up because of sudden drop in resources and dates are being pulled in. Everyone is struggling to make their goals more and more challenging especially the ones above. So, who gets the crap? Of cos those at the bottom of the hierarchy… *sigH* Oh well, at least 2 big hurdles gone. Now I have to go figure out something else. Please pray that my PMS doesn’t drive me nuts again. Was telling Meekoo…I have PMS like 75% of the month! What turf!

Got to go home in a jiffy dy. Getting late and my head is throbbing. Have a pleasant evening ya. Oh… Cookies, welcome home! 🙂

Poor Mocha..apparently he wanted to go Egypt on a donkey but decided it will take too long and went on Virgin airline instead. But the goggles and mask did not protect him well enough. He came back with H1N1 flu..

And just when he slowly recovered, I got home one day and found him under a pile of rubble!!

Sigh. My dear DarkChoc is too free at home with nothing to better to do but attack my son! *grrr* Time to go home! Toodles!

4 thoughts on “Chipsmore-Weekend

  1. HAHAHAHHAHA!!!! Mocha had H1N1 huh…:D that means u get an excuse to quarantine urself for the whole week:P

    How come u always kena fat comments one.. that masseur also another one…ppl pay him to massage, somemore talk so many-many:P You should have pressed charges and negotiated for lower price, since he commented. I thought you had lost weight, when i saw u at church worrr….

    • Oh yea hor…I need to report myself for quarantine 😀 wooohooo!!

      I dunno la. The masseur is a lady. She said “Banyak lemak”… sumore purposely emphasized that i dont have a lot of “angin” in my body…like as if I dunno i’m purely full of fats! 😛

  2. Aiyo your Mocha for H1N1 and I am seeing you this evening? Pengsan… later i am not allow to fly then it is all your fault. 😛
    hehehehe…. see you later Ms Alligator. ..

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