Rainy season

It’s still pouring outside and it’s freezin cold in the office. Been wanting to post something during the draggy times while I crack my brain over my work but I just hadn’t the time (or rather plain lazy?). Since I’m warming up my bar of Fruit & Nut over my steaming hot cup of green tea, I could as well scribble some random stuffs that is in my head of late


Work in general
Went for the Christians in the Workplace seminar by Mr Khoo C.S last weekend. To be honest, I did not find the seminar entirely beneficial because it was far too surface and I just could not seem to connect with the things that were shared. Lack of examples that I could connect the biblical views to my daily struggles. Nevertheless, it was a good sharing and especially where the bible quotes are concern. I was looking forward to something that could possibly be of God speaking to me. But none (to my disappointment). However, some scattered points shared during the session did trigger some thoughts and also reminders. Most of all, it does confirm in some ways of my struggles of late. Recently I have been thinking a lot about my low morale. (at this point, my bar of chocolate has turned softly enuff!! Yipee!) What could possibly be driving me to such extreme ends that my productivity is almost down the drain. If you ask me…this is probably the worst time of my career and it’s really terrible for me. I’m not exactly the type of person who enjoys sitting around doing nothing but yet I won’t just do anything that I have a lacking of knowledge in. Let’s just say I’m very picky (not just piggy). Then one day, after much thinking, I figured God is not going to answer my prayers for a way out. There’s no way He would be agreeable to an easy way out without facing my appointed responsibilities. I mean..c’mon…not everything that Jesus went thru was pleasant. He didn’t exactly have a choice to take a shortcut rite? And time and time again, I’m reminded that God has His plans but before we can get our assignments done..we’ve got to go thru a lot of crap to get stronger. Ok..that was a very crude way of putting it. But you get what I mean…I’m sure. Hence, I’ve been really pushing myself but I’m 500% (or more) thankful that God gave me that nudge and the extra tug this week. I’m very thankful I’m at least able to sit myself down on Tuesday night (also because He helped me take away a big burden so that I could concentrate again) and started working on something. It’s not a smooth ride. I’m still stuck and I’m still struggling. But again, God did not let me face this alone. He sent an angel (albeit a little overweight and hairy) at work to help me understand some stuffs. I’m glad Giant is there to help me out even if it’s really minimal 🙂

On the other hand, some of the long awaited replies finally came. Some discussions took place. Not entirely promising or even encouraging. But with Bibs sharing my confusion and uncertainties, it’s easier to get through this time of anxiety and doubt. I don’t know what’s really installed for me after this big boulder. Will have to continue to trust in Him and really seek Him for some guidance. So, for work – please help me pray for direction, wisdom and also the right door to be open (one door will do ok?)


Security Guard Testimony
How random can it get when a total stranger start to pour out his experience with God in the most unexpected time and place? I almost forgot about this actually (too much in my head) but I suddenly remembered it yesterday but didn’t get the chance to share. Last Sunday..I was stuck at the Specialist Center waiting for the rain to stop. While I was standing there at one of the lobby; not exactly in the best condition and it wasn’t fun being there alone when everyone wonders why I’m standing there alone with a huge heavy load and partially wet – there was this Indian guard there at the porch with me. After being there for like a good 10 or 15 minutes…he suddenly decided to talk to me in Hokkien. First of all, I am not exactly in a talking mood and secondly, Hokkien??…from a stranger who is Indian? That’s totally unexpected. He started telling me how he used to attend church and how great God is in his life. He told me he used to have a very difficult life working in multiple jobs but he will always read the bible and go to church. He described his “church-going” habit with so much love and pride; it was as though he was so proud to tell me about his love-affair with Jesus. Then, he shared how Jesus answers all his prayers and how much faith he has in prayers. He even told me about the time he struggled working in a factory where he had to carry extremely heavy loads at work. His supervisor told him not to carry it alone and tried to get some help but he told his boss it’s ok..he can do it because Jesus will help him. It was a very hot day and he was in doubt if he could even withstand the heat and the load; but he went on to pray and ask for strength. He said the moment he went to pick up the load, God sent dark clouds and it started to rain. Okok..he put it in a very miraculous way and he spoke mostly in Hokkien. So, I can’t really remember the entire description but what happened after that was basically his fellow colleagues who were hiding in the shed avoiding the heat, came to help him with the heavy loads. And he continued telling me how things have changed since he got married to a Hindu wife. She forbid him for going to church or even having a Bible. He said he missed going to church but he said when his wife is not aware..he will still sneak to church and how he enjoys singing and praying. Amazing eh? I guess it’s because he must have saw my bible peeking out from my bag and also me wearing a cross.

Honestly, I felt bad for not really showing much respond. I just wasn’t in the right state of mind and therefore I didn’t really say much other than telling him perhaps the conversation we were having that day was a sign that He ought to be back in touch with God again. After that, a colleague of his joined us at the porch and he re-shared his whole testimony with that Indian guy in Tamil. From then on, of cos I don’t know what else he said 😛 But really…when I think back…at the time of desperation and devastation…God sent the most random person to remind me of His presence in everyone’s life and how He will not abandon us. Amen!


Okay. Spend a bit too long writing this. I have to get back to my work. Due date tomorrow. Just a few messages in case I don’t write again the next few days.

Cookies: Welcome back! Can’t wait to listen to all your stories 🙂
Jup: Hope your crunch time will end by Sunday and you can breathe and focus on your moving out! Remember to keep us posted on the list ya
Jenc: Have a good weekend and especially at the fireworks. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain! Catch ya online 😉
TheNomad: Hope things got better and your sanity is still intact. Promise I’ll get to the articles soon and let you know if we should proceed. In the meantime, stay close to Him k? Hang in there.
RogTi: Bro..it’s been a long time since I last heard from you. I really hope you’re doing OK and things are getting better at work & off-work. Keep me posted ya?
Wynx: Welcome! 😛 I doubt you’ll read often, but just to say HI and have a nice long weekend.
CeCe: I dunno if you figure out you are CeCe here yet..but if you do, SHOW ME YOUR NEW CAMERA!!! 😛

Until then….I’m very excited over the long weekend. Now I have to make sure I finish my work!

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