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Hello everyone!

It felt like history reading my last post.  It’s been more than a month since my convocation.  Just a couple of weekends ago, I went down to KL again with Bibs to attend my ex-housemates’s wedding.  We were looking forward to that holiday so badly that we could barely even work that week (okla..that’s quite common for me but it doesn’t always happen to Bibs :D).  This trip to KL was so much more relaxing and definitely less traffic jam cos we avoided driving as much as we could.  Even so, we were still caught in a terrible jam after our IKEA spree.  Nevertheless, we were very thankful for…

  • having 2e’s car to drive down to KL.  Total comfort & enjoyable.  Except that CeCe gave me wrong info about the CD player and I burnt 2 CDs of MP3s but none could play.  But that gave us plenty of opportunities to talk and appreciated MixFM even more!
  • a GPS that wasn’t 100% fullproof..but still not too bad la..kept us alert & helping each other out 😛 At least we found Foh San Dim Sum on our own and had a really nice breakfast before continuing our trip
  • met up with Ps Jeya at CGMC!!! It was sooo good to see him.  He has lost weight while Aunty Grace put on a little.  Went over to their house to say HI to aunty.  It was just great to see both of them although we didn’t spend much time there – we didn’t even take any pics with them!
  • the free accommodation at my aunt’s place.  The company was great albeit some unintended conversations about some unpleasant past, swimming in the evening to relax before the wedding dinner, supper companion (my uncle!), simple & relaxed stay
  • the shopping spree at IKEA.  As usual, we went down prepared with our shopping list.  Few of our friends tumpang their shopping list too.  All in all we spent RM700++ (about RM160 was our friends’ items) buying over wares, touch-lamp (Bib’s impulsive purchase!!), stools, letter tray (Bibs has been bugging me about it since the last trip), storage box, measuring spoons and some glasses.  Will show the pictures when I have them
  • had our long awaited lunch at IKEA cafe.  But utmost disappointment on the horrible fresh white prawns.  Honestly..they looked & tasted mutated.  Don’t try.  The coffee was fantabulous and Daim Cake went along with the coffee heavenly! *slurp*
  • found the Tai Lok Mee stall at 12++AM and had a nice supper before heading home & hibernated (Bibs could barely get up the next morning.  My uncle too!)
  • met up with Joanna before she leaves for UK to study.  And she took us for breakfast (it was meant to be our brunch but Bibs insisted that it’s just breakkie) at Bangsar on our way to MidV.  She gave us a free ride and hence we didn’t have to wade the jam or crowd caused by the riot in town
  • simple stroll at MidV since I wasn’t in a shopping mood.  We both had our Guai Leng Gou (some bitter jelly) and herbal drink (for Bibs coz he was falling sick), then, headed to hunt for Carl’s Jr which was totally awesome (but i was too full to try anything on my own, so we shared Set #4 and trust me, i’m still craving for it), and we packed a dozen of Krispy Kreme before heading for my first KTM rain ride! *woot* It wasn’t all that lovely la..but for was worth it and it was just a short trip
  • free ride to the wedding dinner restaurant by my ex-roomie! It was so great to see her after so long and especially thankful that we could still talk, laugh and joke so much until we were acting insane at the wedding 😛
  • meeting my ex-housemates including the bride & her really charming hubby.  Despite being our first meeting, he was very friendly and nice.  Just wish we had more time together.  Her mum was fantastic! She remembered each and everyone of our names! How amazing is that! And apparently our photos are smack right at the living hall of the house –_____-“

Ex-hostel-roomie next to me. The other 2 are my ex-housemates. 2 more unable to join us as they are out of the country dy

  • the facial mask that I asked my ex-housemate to bring back from US 😛 Imagine attending her wedding and I’m getting her to pass me a purchase 😛
  • the photographer for delivering my convo pictures despite being so late at night.  He tried to wade thru the horrible traffic in the afternoon but was totally caught in it.  I managed to make a small bargain for the group photo and the CD (though still very expensive)

Family shot & the one with the Chancellor.  I look so round!!

  • great weather as we drove down to Bentong to pick up Bibs’s mum.  It was good to be back in Bentong and have our wantan mee, meet with GongGong and PohPoh.  A small little town which has a totally different time & lifestyle in its own little way
  • good journey back to Penang although Bibs’s mum was very sick and the heat kinda made me slept off a few rounds leaving poor Bibs to drive alone 😛

There’s driving, food, great company, laughs, jams, happy, frustration, etc..etc..

Anyways, it was just a great trip and now, we are just looking forward to the next one although it won’t really be a holiday per se 😛 Let’s just say we are dying to get out of the island and away from office!!

Last week Bibs’s mum was here and so was his brother (who has been with us for 3 weeks already).  Aunty stayed for only a few days and left together with Bibs’s bro back to KL.  Hopefully this time around, aunty didn’t feel so tiring having to entertain so many people.  But pity her, she was very sick the first two days and the medications made her so drowsy.  Good thing was we managed to have a big family dinner the night before they left and we celebrated Bibs’s bro’s belated b’day 🙂

I noticed my weekends are all packed and even busier than my weekdays.  This has become my lifestyle and I sometimes do miss having just a normal weekend.  But the good thing is, I’m busy mostly doing God’s, like Pans least we are depositing our treasures in heaven *grin*  That kinda explain why I’ve been MIA for quite a bit.  In some ways, I’m going thru a writer’s block phase…but in actual fact, I just have a lot of things going through my head.  So much so, I’m pretty much a lost pig and I feel like the song “I will sing” by Don Moen..which goes “And though I haven’t lost my faith, I must confess right now..that is hard for me to pray”… *sigh*  Well, I’m not letting the prayers seize.  But I have to admit, I’m spending a little lesser time with Him these days.  Prioritizing too much on my busy schedule.  Tsk… anyways, let’s hope as I clear up all the commitments…I’ll find God in what I’m doing.  The layoff exercise that took place in my company lately really stirred up a lot of emotions too.  It was really sad to see some friends gone..and hurts even more to know they had to go through the humiliation of being escorted out.  Worse is when they have families to take care of and I cannot imagine how lost they’d feel now.  It’s at this time that it really makes you think, “What should I do as a Christian at this time of crisis?”…*sigh*

DarkChoc abused Mocha.  Sent him off for snorkeling when Mocha can’t even swim!! The straw was all he had!

Alright.  Late dy.  Will catch up again soon ya.


P/s: Cookies, all the best for your mission trip! I’m confident God will use you for great purposes.  Enjoy every moment that you have there 🙂


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    • Thank U! but my glasses seem a little cacat tho.. i need to get it “fixed”. something doesnt look right with the padding adjustment..

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