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I know I haven’t been updating for quite a fair bit. It’s been roller coaster rides but all is well. Praise God. Just gonna briefly throw in some updates here and there which most of you would have already been updated by the albums that I sent out. Plus, it’s been such a long gap since my last updates (which I think the last few ones hadn’t sounded very good)

I’m finally done and over with my Masters and even the convocation ceremony which in actual case wasn’t really necessary to proof that I have completed my studies. But anyhow, as a gesture of appreciation and acknowledgement of support (financial & emotional) to my family, my entourage headed down to KL over the weekend. Although I had to look like a penguin-pig, it was quite fun to see some familiar faces which I could not recall the names as I was pretty much confused as to who are from my batch, who are from Penang and who are the ones from KL. I just wish RogTi was there and TheNomad too 😦 Time was short during my stay that I didn’t even get to call up any of my friends or even meet up with RogTi. Sorry! Everything went well during the trip except for some minor hiccup. We ate a lot, shop very very little, caught in the jam damn lot and thankfully managed to visit a couple of relatives especially the elderly one whom I haven’t seen for a long time.

Pig Farm Visit
I think I was happiest being able to accomplish this when we were on our way to KL that weekend. I have to admit, the farm was stinking like MADness! My hair literally absorbed all the poop smell and I had to use Bib’s CK to cover up the smell just so that I won’t feel like I carried the farm with me all the way to the city. But it was real fun and excitement cos I’ve been longing for this trip for a very long time. And you won’t be able to imagine how happy it was to see the new born piglets at the nursery!! The nurseries are actually very clean. The piglets are so adorable while their mummies are…..HUGE! No joke! I even get to carry a piglet too!! My aunt joked that she have asked the owner to pick a piglet for me and sew a graduation robe for it so that I could bring to KL for my convocation. How I wish!

Can you see the huge balls??

RBC Bible Conference
It was totally awesome. Everything went well (almost) and I’m so glad I stayed on for the entire conference. Rev Bill Crowder is such a great speaker – funny, detail and totally fun. It’s great to have him share his interpretation of Joseph’s life (Gen 35 to 45). It’s really amazing how he had given me a totally new perspective of the stories which I just never saw/understood. If you have missed it this year, seriously, if he comes again next year, you have got to go! God really spoke through this man and through His words. I was encouraged and strengthen. Needed that especially when I had been on a mega roller coaster ride of late

As you can see, I’m really taking it very slow on OCR lately. Firstly, I haven’t been having much inspiration to write. Secondly, my schedules are all packed with lots of things happening in church. Lots of practices since we are preparing for our anniversary coming up in a month’s time and also the Kuantan trip in 2 months’ time. Lots of music scores to crunch and notes to remember! Plus, things in certain parts of my life haven’t exactly been most stable; but I assure you that all your prayers for me have kept me going. So, thank you very much if you have been praying. Really, God is great and He’s totally merciful. Without His blessings of strength, forgiveness and love – I would not be able to come this far and learning how to pick up the broken pieces. I’m not saying everything is great and colorful now. I am still going through a lot of trials and new challenges each and every day. But I have learnt to focus on praising Him and thanking Him. Really….it helps me a lot just being able to come before Him and say, Thank You. Spiritual walk has improved and I think I feel stronger now after what that has happened in the past few months. I have seen how God works in my life and also those around me. I pray more, praise Him much more 🙂

So, while I take it easy on OCR, I hope everyone else is doing fine. Sorry if I’ve been out of touch for a while. I’ll try to get back on track soon.

Take care now!




6 thoughts on “All in one post

    • Aug 16 🙂 Before you leave I think. BTW, we are practicing on the small group song for Kuantan dy. If you can make it, come get your score on Wed (if you havent already gotten it from Big Bird)

  1. Just thought I’d pop by. I know… its been WA..AAY too long.

    I’m sorry but I cannot help but notice the resemblance between the cute pink things and the someone carrying it. Hee hee.

    • Wow wow! What are the odds of you popping by!! 😀

      eh..which “someone” ar? 😛 Luckily i’m not the only one carrying piggy 😛

      • I dunno, coz I seem to look like them too. I like the fact that I have been sleeping like them too.

        But to answer your question..its the person that knows who my husband is.

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