Time flies

Yes, time truly flies.  Can’t believe June is coming to an end.  This month seemed very short and brief; can barely recall what has been done within this period of time.  Felt like it was just yesterday when the trios met up at Young Hearts…or when I was struggling whether to go Aussie for convo…or celebrated V-day (which I don’t remember anything of it and hence I guess we didn’t bother to make it anymore commercialized than it already is)…or when I celebrated my b’day (but I am still happy at the thoughts of the gifts and celebrations)…or when it was when the “1-month-quota” was set and yadda yadda yaddaa…  I’m most impressed with myself that for once, I don’t realize it’s pay day despite having only left a 2 digit amount in my account.  I almost thought someone made a mistake by banking in a big sum of moolah into my account – only to slowly realized that big sum is actually my salary! 

I haven’t the mood to really blog about anything of late.  Albeit having this month feeling like it’s very short and almost forgettable, it has been a happening & challenging month – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  There were 2 weddings to organized & execute, personal problems to sort out, preparing press release & setting up appointments for marketing presentation, evangelistic concert, deciding & planning & paying for my convo, and lots more.  With all the ups and downs, I found myself completely out of breath and really needing some time off.  I’m thankful God has been kind and merciful to me.  In between I was granted rests (thru MC & time offs), spa treatment, church practices (worship & choir always energizes me) and some great lunch outings with sisters & friends.  Also in this same month that I come to see the wonders of having family members around to support & care for each other; something that I believe God was trying to remind me about.  I’ll talk about that in another entry (when I get the chance).

Anyways, this will not be a long one.  Just wanted to say HI and to let you know I’m alive and things are still requiring attention and prayers.  Nothing in my life is easy of late but I’m pushing through with the trust and believe that He is watching.  Will continue to just commit everything into His hands.

Today is Jup’s b’day – BLESSED BIRTHDAY my dear :)  Hope you enjoyed your b’day outing tonight.  Honestly, it’s my first time celebrating a b’day which adjourns to 3 different destinations within a night :P  SaDu, sorry for having made you trapped amongst the alien-language speaking group tonight.  Hope you were not bored to death.  It’s good to see you girls again.  Guess it’ll be till another while longer before we can do that again…let’s just hope not too long.

Coming up next weekend is my convo.  Hopefully it’s a good time of rest.  Will try to write more in the next few days.  I’m still waiting for pics from the weddings.

Take care now.  Toodles!


2 thoughts on “Time flies

  1. Dont worry dear….. SaDu will survive through that… it was nothing.. it was for Jup!! =D Hope she enjoyed herself very much.

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