Just a quick “try-to-stay-awake” Post

The smart alec me stayed up till 3++ last night watching drama. Finished off the 3 last episodes and finally crash in bed only to wake up less than 4 hours later. My eyes can barely open till now and not to mention how much I’m struggling with my hibernating brain. This is crazy. And I have Choir tonight…which means I cannot just go home and dive into bed. *fits tooth picks into eye lid…

Cookies and SaDu are both saying the rain is pouring heavily wherever they are. I’m not seeing any strong wind here but the thunder is definitely clapping away. I guess it’s good and bad. Good – the heat & haze should go away (hopefully). Bad – I’m at work and I can’t enjoy the sleep during rain… *sob*

Ok.. I’m just blogging so that I wont feel so sleepy. I have to get going. Tonnes of work waiting for me to do 😦 Me no like.


P/s: Blogging via email! 😉


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